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Plus One Active Online Personal Training

Is Online Training for You?

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Updated December 10, 2012

This website is no longer active

Have you ever been curious about online personal training? Online training can be a good choice for people who can't afford or don't have access to a personal trainer. The bonuses include having access to your trainer every day and the cost, which is generally cheaper than hiring a local trainer (anywhere from $70 to $100+ an hour). Plus One Active is just one option for online training. Full disclosure: since writing this review, I've become a personal trainer at Plus One Active.

Plus One Active - a Self-Driven Program

Plus One Active offers two different training options. The first and least expensive is Plus One Active. This is a self-driven 12-week program that focuses on your individual goals. Once you sign up and complete the health history and goal questionnaires, you'll receive a program that is divided into three different four-week phases. With this option, you pay a non-refundable fee of $9.95 and your workouts will include descriptions as well as pictures and videos of each exercise in your workout. You can log workouts, track your goals and have access 24-7.

What you don't get with this option is a personal trainer to work with you individually to change workouts, provide new workouts or monitor how you're doing. This would be a great option is you're self-motivated, but want some new workouts to try.

Plus One Active Expert

Plus One Active Expert is your next option. For $39 per month, you get all the same benefits of Plus One Active, but with a variety of other benefits as well. If you choose this program, you'll be assigned a trainer according to your goals. You also have the ability to choose the trainer you'd like to work with by scrolling through the Trainer Bios. After the initial contact, your trainer will post your workouts on a calendar where you can print them, log them and submit feedback that will instantly go to your trainer for review so he can change the workout according to your answers. Pictures and instructions are provided for each exercise and your workouts will detail the exercises, duration and intensity. You can view any workout at any time by scrolling through the 'Your Workouts' box.

Communicating with your trainer is easy. You can use the email available on the site and you can opt to receive reminders when a new workout has been posted, or when a workout is due for the day.

The other bonus with this option is the ability to track progress by entering vital stats (weight, circumference measurements, body fat, etc.) on a regular basis and viewing the charts and graphs to show your progress.

Bottom Line

Online training can be a great choice if you:
  • Are familiar with basic strength training exercises
  • Are self-motivated, but want added accountability to keep you on track
  • Want new workouts on a regular basis
  • Don't have access or can't afford traditional face-to-face training
  • Are willing to log your workouts and communicate with your trainer through email

Plus One Active is a quality site. It's easy to navigate and use, the set up of the calendar makes it easy to see your schedule and log your workouts and the descriptions of the exercises make it easy to to know if you're doing them right. My only complaint is in logging the workouts with feedback. When logging a workout, you see a 'log it' button at the top of the page. When you click that button, the system logs your workout but, in order to provide specific feedback, you have to go back and log the workout again (this time it says 'log with feedback'). This is confusing...it would be great to have the feedback option from the start.

Other than that, Plus One Active has a good thing going and it's well worth the price.

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