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Updated January 06, 2006

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent website for people who need more motivation to reach their fitness goals. By joining or creating a group of like-minded people, you can encourage each other to stay on track. You can log your workouts, meals and goals and, because you're accountable to others, you're more likely to accomplish your goals. It's free, easy to use and perfect for those looking for an encouraging and motivating environment.


  • Website is free and easy to use
  • Having a supportive group of peers provides motivation to exercise


  • None!


  • A free website that allows you to join or create a group of likeminded exercisers to stay on track
  • Website includes workout and meal logs, calorie counters and other helpful resources
  • A community area lets you to mingle with other members, ask questions and connect with others

Guide Review - PEERtrainer

PEERtrainer is a great idea: an online community that brings together people of all fitness levels to find motivation, support and help to reach fitness and health goals. Logging in is easy--you just enter a username and password and that's it. You can then create your own group (by inviting your friends) or you can join an existing group based on your goals (losing weight, overall fitness, healthier lifestyle or people who live in your area). Each group can have a maximum of 4 people and you can scroll through available groups and read members' profiles to find the right group for you. Once you join or create a group, you can start logging your goals, meals and workouts along with the other members of your group. You can also spend some time in the community area which includes a forum where you can ask and answer questions posted by others. Overall, this is a great website and perfect for people who know what they need to do, but have trouble following through.

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