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Motivation is important for staying on track with exercise, but how do you keep going day after day? These resources offer a variety of tips and tricks for staying motivated to exercise.
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10 Exercise Rules to Live By

Exercise isn't always easy, even under the best circumstances, but what if you could do something to make it easier? There are a few common rules that, when followed, can give you the support you need to make exercise a regular part of your life.  These rules may even make exercise so much easier, you actually start to enjoy it.  The key is to think about your approach to exercise and what you do that helps or, sometimes, hurts your chances of success. Below are 10 exercise rules to make it easier to plan, prepare and commit to your workouts.

Real People, Real Results
Find out from the Exercise Forum members how real people exercise to lose weight, get healthy, get stronger and have a better life

Spa Wish Massage Gift Certificates
Massage is often a great choice for healing injuries or just feeling good. Spa Wish offers gift certificates that are good at different places throughout the country.

Stay Fit During Back to School Madness
Don't let your exercise routine slide during back to school chaos. Get tips on how you can keep exercise a priority and keep moving all year long.

The Fitness Challenge - The Game Designed for the Wannabe Exerciser
Learn all about The Fitness Challenge game to see if you and a buddy can stay motivated to exercise. My review covers the basics of the game and how it really works, from your About Exercise Guide.

What's the Worst Exercise Advice You Ever Got?
Have you ever gotten bad exercise advice that caused you to get off track? Share the worst exercise advice you ever got.

Silencing Your Inner Critic
Is your inner critic keeping you from exercising? Learn questions to ask yourself to silence your inner critic.

Train Like an Olympic Athlete
You don't have to workout for hours to get the benefits of Olympic training. Learn how the elite athletes train and how you can use their core principles to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Enjoying Exercise & Healthy Eating
Can you really enjoy exercise and healthy eating? Learn the secret to changing your perspective on healthy eating and exercise for weight loss, health and fitness.

Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated
If you struggle with consistent exercise, the right exercise tips and reminders can keep you motivated to stay on track. Check out these exercise tips and reminders to keep you going.

Why is it so hard for me to exercise?
Why is it so hard to exercise? That's a question I hear all too often and, frankly, we're the ones who usually make it harder than it has to be. So, what are you doing that's making exercise so hard? Check out my top reasons it's so hard for us to exercise.

5 Ways to Make Workouts More Fun

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