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Wii Fit Plus Review

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Updated November 17, 2009

Wii Fit Plus Review
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  • Type: Exergame
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Equipment Included: None. Balance Board sold separately.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Fitness Level: Beg, Int, Adv
  • Fitness Challenge: 4/10
The first generation Wii Fit was impressive what with the introduction of the Balance Board and the realization that twirling virtual hula hoops or dodging virtual soccer balls is harder than it looks. After the wow factor wore off, we realized some of the limitations - the inability to create workouts being one of them. Wii Fit Plus corrects that with a few workout routines and a variety of new and fun games to keep you active.

The Basics

Wii Fit Plus works the same way as Wii Fit, utilizing the Balance Board, controller and nunchuk to track various movements and exercises. If you used Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus immediately imports your profile so that your Mii and all your information can be accessed.

The cartoon Balance Board is back to guide you through the new bells and whistles of Wii Fit Plus which include:

  • Added strength moves such as the balance bridge, side lunge and single leg reach. The new yoga exercises include the gate and the grounded v. The original exercises are also included.
  • My Wii Fit Plus - This area includes routines based on categories like lifestyle, health, youth and form. These 'routines' only include three exercises each, which is disappointing. You can create your own routine, but only from the yoga or strength exercises.
  • Multiplayer mode - Now you can play with other people, although you can only use the Balance Board one at a time.
  • Pet Stats - You also have the new and strange ability to register data for your pet and weigh him or her on the Balance Board. My cat wasn't terribly impressed, but he was overweight.
  • Tracking Abilities - Another feature is the ability to record activities outside of Wii Fit. You can enter the intensity and time spent doing different exercises as well as enter your waist size and steps taken.

Other additions include an advanced designation for some of the new exercises and calorie tracking based on METS, a concept explained by the cartoon Balance Board when you first start the game.

Stand Out Features

The 'exercise' portion of Wii Fit Plus, which include the strength and yoga areas, is just as disappointing as in Wii Fit. There are new exercises included, but it gets tedious doing the exercises one at a time and I always thought this was the weakest part of the original game. The same holds true for this latest version.

However, there are some good changes, mainly with the inclusion of a variety of mini-games that challenge your balance, stability and coordination. There's a juggling game which has you balancing on a ball while catching and juggling balls. I loved the snowball fight, which requires you to shift your weight on the Balance Board to come out from behind a shelter and throw snowballs at other kids. Another game requires you to add numbers with your hips. You stand on the Balance Board and shake your hips to bump the numbers that add up to 10, which challenges your body and mental quickness all at the same time.

You can skate, do martial arts, ride a Segway, be in marching band, ride your bike through a park, swing a golf club and the list goes on. While I may not spend much time on the strength or yoga moves in the company of the robotic and anemic trainer, the innovative games in Wii Fit Plus are fun enough to keep this one from gathering dust on the shelf.

Pros and Cons


  • The Fun Factor: The original Wii Fit's appeal wore off quickly, but the addition of fun and challenging games in Wii Fit Plus gives it more staying power.
  • Multi-Player Mode: It's great to be able to play with more than one person, although it would be nice if you could connect more than one Balance Board at a time.
  • Creative: I'm truly impressed with the mind-boggling array of games available. It's actually hard to stop once you start and I love that some of the games combine both brainpower physical movements. It's rare to ever hear yourself shout things like, "I can't get my Segway to hit the balloon!" but, with Wii Fit Plus, you will.


  • Dull Exercise Routines: While it's nice to finally have routines available, this area could use some work. There are only three exercises in each 'routine' which doesn't really qualify it as much of a workout. Despite being an exergame, it's the exercise area where Wii Fit Plus falls short and users will want to continue with other cardio and strength activities (or start them) for more intensity and better results.
  • Lack of Intensity: Some games definitely made me sweat but, overall, the intensity is still too low to equate to traditional exercise. If your goal is weight loss, you'll need more exercise, but Wii Fit Plus is a good way to get off the couch for a little movement.
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