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GOtality Cardio Fitness Pack and App for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Updated April 18, 2011

The Bottom Line

The GOtality Cardio Fitness Pack and app offers everything you need to monitor your intensity, heart rate, distance, pace, location and calories burned all using your iPhone or iPod Touch. The system uses an ingenious ear clip to measure your heart rate and includes a variety of workouts based on fitness level, distance, time or calories burned. With audio and visual clues for where you are in your workout and intensity levels, you can easily adjust your workout as needed to reach your goals. Overall, GOtality is a great choice for exercisers who love to track workout stats.


  • The ability to track heart rate, calories burned, distance, pace and steps taken in one app
  • Audio and visual cues for how you're doing throughout your workout
  • The ability to set your own pace and find music that matches that pace


  • Screens can be complicated to navigate and icons don't always make sense
  • Ear clip can get tangled with headphone cords
  • Arm band can be uncomfortable, velcro closure requires significant effort to adjust


  • A complete cardio fitness and heart rate system for iPhone and iTouch
  • The kit ($59.99), used with the free GOtality app, includes an ear clip to measure heart rate, an armband and tape measure
  • The system tracks heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, location, steps taken and more

Guide Review - GOtality Cardio Fitness Pack and App for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you like tracking your workout stats and you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, GOtality offers an all-in-one system for tracking almost every aspect of your workout - Heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, distance, speed, pace and how far you went. It all happens with the Cardio Fitness Pack ($59.99) which includes an ear clip that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone/iTouch and measures your heart rate. Use that in conjunction with the free GOtality Cardio Fitness Pack App and you'll be able to geek out over all your workout stats at a glance.

The Basics

The GOtality Fitness Pack includes an ear clip, an armband with an opening at the bottom to make way for the ear clip plug and a tape measure for getting your measurements. Once you download the app, you attach the ear clip, which immediately displays your heart rate, and enter the usual vital stats - Weight, age, goals and resting heart rate (which you can enter yourself or measure with the ear clip). Based on your answers, the app puts you in a default fitness zone with accompanying workouts to choose from. With all that done, you then go through a rather long tutorial explaining how each screen works, what all the icons mean and how to navigate the screens during your workout. It's a bit complicated but starts to make sense once you start an actual workout.

The Workouts

The workouts offer quite a bit of variety including:

  • 20 workouts categorized by fitness level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and goals (weight loss, fitness or aerobic)
  • Choose workouts based on time, distance or calories burned
  • Listen to your own music while you workout
  • Receive status updates informing you of the next interval and warnings if you're out of your heart rate zone
  • Create your own custom workouts
  • Set a target pace and find music in your library that matches that pace
  • Post your results to Facebook or Twitter

The Experience

The GOtality pack is surprisingly easy to use once you get the hang of it. The ear clip is comfortable, although it does add an extra cord to the mix if you're using headphones. The armband is a bit stiff and hard to open, but comes with an extension for those who need it. Once you start your workout, you can choose your music and pace (if desired) and a robotic voice tells you about your upcoming interval. Robot man also chimes in if your heart rate is out of the heart rate range (which is set by the app), although you do have the option to turn this off. The heart rate system works well, although I did get some occasional burps where it dropped very low or spiked very high, causing robot man a little panic. Both the heart rate and calories burned closely matched my heart rate monitor, which I wore for comparison. I also liked that robot man periodically let me know how many calories I had left to burn.

Another nice option is the GOtality Fitness Pack Express App (also free), which shows your heart rate and calories burned, if you don't want the other bells and whistles.

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