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Resistance Band Workouts

These resistance band workouts offer a variety of exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. These workouts are great for home or travel and can help with a variety of goals including strength, endurance and weight loss.

Choosing and Using Resistance Bands
This three-part article offers everything you need to know about resistance bands - why you should use them, where to buy them and how to use them.

Resistance Band Workout for Beginners
This beginner workout covers all the best resistance band exercises for the entire body. Get started with your resistance band today and work your chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Total Body Resistance Band Workout
This total body resistance band workout is a bit tougher than the beginner version but also includes some commone resistance band exercises. This one is for intermediate/advanced exercisers, although beginners can find some moves here as well.

Upper Body Band Workout
This workout focuses on the upper body with exercises for the chest, back, shoulders and arms, all using a resistance band. This workout is suitable for all exercisers.

Upper Body Mixed Resistance
This intermediate/advanced workout offers a real challenge. You'll be combining both dumbbells and a resistance band for a killer workout that targets all the muscles in the upper body.

Quick Vacation Workout
Working out isn't always top priority on vacation, which is why this workout is perfect for travelers. Using a resistance band, you'll do quick, compound moves to target the entire body for a short, effective workout.

Resistance Band Exercises - Step by Step Resistance Band Exercises
Need some ideas for how to use that dusty old resistance band? This feature offers step by step instructions for a variety of resistance band exercises.

Energizing BOSU, Band and Ball Workout - For when you want something a...
This workout, using a BOSU, band and ball is designed to energize you on days when you just want something a little easier.

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