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Gaiam's Balance Ball Resistance Workout Kit

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Updated November 23, 2004

Balance Ball Resistance Kit

Balance Ball Resistance Kit

The Bottom Line

This is a simple, cheap way to get a little more use out of your exercise ball. The ability to add resistance bands (without safety being an issue) adds a whole new dynamic to how you use your exercise ball.
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  • A simple way to expand the benefits of your exercise ball and add variety to workouts
  • Straps are easy to adjust and offer a variety of exercises for the entire body
  • Tension is easily adjusted by moving bands closer or further away from the body


  • Video is disappointingly short, offering only a few exercises


  • A series of interconnected straps and resistance cords that fit on your exercise ball
  • Resistance bands add a wide variety of exercises using your ball to target strength and stability
  • Accompanying video provides instructions for some basic moves targeting core strength and balance

Guide Review - Gaiam's Balance Ball Resistance Workout Kit

I'm always on the lookout for new workout gadgets and I've really enjoyed Gaiam's Balance Ball Resistance Workout Kit. The system is simple: A series of straps that you adjust around your ball, allowing you to attach to resistance bands on either side of the ball. The bands hook into the straps and there are a series of holes allowing you to change the tension to harder or easier as needed. What I like is that I can now use resistance bands with a built-in stable surface (well, the ball isn't stable, but I can use my body to make it stay!)--I no longer need furniture or door attachments to get something useful out of my bands. The kit comes with instructions as well as a video that isn't worth reviewing. It does provide some exercise ideas (many of them Pilates or Yoga-related), but just as you're getting into things, the workout is over, if you can call it that. Clearly it's designed to be an instructional video (you only do 3 or so reps of each exercise) and I'm hopeful that more in-depth videos will follow. With the bands, you can perform a variety of moves like chest press, seated row, bicep curls and overhead press, all with very little adjustment (aside from changing the tension). I also love the fact that you can combine some great core work with your strength training, since you have to use your body to keep the ball from flying away from you. Overall, an excellent purchase! For exercise ideas, see my Total Body Workout in the 'Suggested Reading' links.
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