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Upper Body Workouts

If you need workout ideas, these strength training workouts are for you. Workouts include upper body routines, split workouts or workouts by body part.

Basic Upper Body Workout
If you're just starting out with a split routine, this upper body workout covers some of the basic exercises you might want to include to make sure you're working all the muscles in your upper body.

Best Triceps Workout
This triceps workout includes the most effective exercises for your triceps such as triangle pushups, kickbacks, dips and more. Tone and strengthen your triceps with this challenging workout.

Pyramid Workout - Upper Body
In this workout, you'll take traditional exercises and work them in a pyramid format--increasing the weight and lowering the reps with each set. A nice change from the usual straight-set format! Give it a whirl.

Quick Fix Upper Body Workout
This workout offers some unusual compound exercises that combine more than one muscle group for an interesting timesaver workout.

Shoulders, Arms & Chest
These compound movements target your back, chest, shoulders and arms in a whole new way.

Superset Upper Body Workout
This intermediate/advanced workout is all about supersets - putting together two-three exercises for the same muscle group that follow each other, one after the other for an intense workout. If you're tired of straight-set training, this workout will really challenge you.

Upper Body Challenge - Tri-Sets
This upper body challenge is an intense mix of exercises designed to target the muscles of your chest, back, shoulders and arms in new ways. For each muscle group, you'll do a tri-set - three different exercises performed one after the other. You'll then rest that muscle group by doing a tri-set for a different muscle group, making this a fast-paced, intense workout.

Upper Body Challenge - Unilateral Supersets
This intermediate/advanced workout offers a different way to work your upper body, focusing on bilateral moves (using both arms), followed by unilateral moves (using just one arm at a time). This is a great way to mix up your upper body workout if you're looking for a change.

Upper Body Mix and Match
This upper body workout involves working all the muscles of the upper body, including the chest, back, arms and shoulders. The difference is, you're starting with smaller muscle groups instead of the larger muscle groups, making this a great way to shake up your routine and work your upper body in a different way.

Upper Body Mixed Resistance Workout
This workout involves a combination of resistance bands and dumbbells for an interesting, and quite challenging, upper body workout.

Upper Body Progressions
This Upper Body Progression Workout shows some examples of how to progress from beginner exercises to moves that are a little more advanced. You'll know you're ready to move on to the next progression once you've mastered the move and can easily perform 2-3 sets of up to 16 reps with perfect form.

Upper Body Strength
This straightforward workout is perfect for intermediate and advanced exercisers wanting to use heavy weights and a variety of exercises to build upper body strength.

Upper Body Strength & Endurance Challenge
This challenging workout for intermediate/advanced exercisers offers some new ideas for how to change traditional exercises and make them more dynamic. You'll be lifting both heavy and light weights and doing alternating moves that will help you build strength and involve your core muscles.

Upper Body Mix and Match Timesaver Workout
This Upper Body Mix and Match Workout offers you a variety of exercises for an effective, timesaving upper body workout

Upper Body Cardio Circuit Workout - An Intense Upper Body Workout That Keeps...
This challenging Upper Body Cardio Circuit Workout includes everything you need for an intense upper body cardio workout.

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