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Travel Workouts

Travel workouts that keep you fit when you're on the road. You won't need much equipment to work your entire body, whether you're in a hotel room or outside.

Exercising On Vacation
Getting away from reality is good for the soul, and getting away from the usual workout routine is good for the body. However, a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise. By freeing yourself from your routine, you open your mind to new ways to move your body, have fun and keep your body fit while you're on vacation.

No Equipment Travel Workout
Exercises you can do while traveling with no equipment from your Exercise Guide

No Weight Workout
This basic no equipment workout works the entire body including the chest back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lower body and abs with no equipment needed.

Strength and Power Travel Circuit
This challenging Strength and Power Circuit Workout will challenge your body with a short, effective workout.

Total Body Resistance Band Workout
This resistance band workout is for intermediate/advanced exercisers and includes basic moves for the entire body using a resistance band. This workout focuses more on endurance, so adjust your hand position or the position of your body to get the most tension out of each move. If anything feels too easy, try using a heavier band with more tension.

Vacation Workout
This ultra-quick workout targets the major muscles of the body for a quick, efficient workout. This won't take the place of a complete total body program, but it's great for maintaining fitness without spending a lot of time exercising. For this workout you'll need a light-medium weight resistance band and a chair.

Working Out on the Road
Do you find it hard to workout on the road? Maybe you find it hard to stick to a routine when your daily schedule changes or when you don't have the equipment you normally use. Whatever the reason, I am about to make it harder for you to get out of exercising.

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