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Best Exercise and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Let your iPod be your trainer


Updated July 07, 2014

11. Personal Running Trainer

Paige Waehner

Price: Free
Compatible With:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

This app is offers training programs for 1 mile, 5K, 10K, a half-marathon or a full marathon. You choose the program you want and get a schedule of workouts with coaching instructions that are voiced over your own music. There's a free trial which gives you one workout for each of the available programs, but you'll have to pay for full programs, which cost anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99. After some brief testing, I found the workouts were well-designed to help you gradually build endurance over a period of weeks. The coaching was nice, telling you when to speed up and slow down, although I did find it hard to hear the coach over my own music - then again, I have some crazy music.

12. Tap & Track Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker

Price: $3.99
Compatible With:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Tap & Track offers tons of features for people who want to track everything from food calories to exercise.  They offer an extensive food database with 300,000 food items and 700 restaurants, while the workout database has over 180 exercises. What I like about this app is that it works offline, so you don't need an internet connection to search the food database, and it also allows you to add foods and build your own recipes. With this app, you can:

  • Track calories eaten
  • Track calories burned
  • Track carbs, protein, fat, fiber, sodium, sugar and more
  • Set diet plans and weight loss goals

Overall, Tap & Track is easy to use and offers a variety of great features for the price.

13. Calorie Counter Pro

Price: $2.99
Compatible With:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Caloire Counter Pro is another exercise and nutrition tracking app with a comprehensive food database and exercise database.  Stand-out features include:

  • Food database updated daily, including popular foods submitted by users
  • Built-in barcode scanner on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
  • Fast and easy food entry
  • Breakdown of your diet including carbs, protein, fat, fiber, sodium and more
  • Syncs with your free account on MyNetDiary.com
  • Includes over 500 exercises and activities
  • Ability to enter custom exercises

There are also charts, graphs and other tools to help you track your progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

14. Daily Burn

Paige Waehner

Price: Free
Compatible With:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Like the other nutrition and exercise tracking apps, Daily Burn offers a variety of features for entering foods, tracking your weight loss and monitoring your exercise program.  The app is free, but you pay extra for other features such as the FoodScanner ($4.99) or consultations with a personal trainer ($4.99).   The stand-out feature for Daily Burn is the exercise section, which is more comprehensive than other apps.  You can find training plans based on your goals (weight loss, building muscle, etc.) and you can build custom workout routines and track individual exercises as well.  You can also view detailed instructions for how to do different exercises.


15. Lose It!

Lose It!
Photo © Paige Waehner

Price: Free
Compatible With:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

As free weight loss tracking apps go, you can't go wrong with Lose It. It's easy to use and offers tons of  feedback for anyone wanting to lose weight.  Some features include:

  • An estimate of the calories required to lose weight based on your goal (from 0 to 2 lbs a week)
  • The ability to enter foods using a comprehensive database
  • An exercise database to calculate calories burned
  • A chart that shows your daily calorie budget -- calories eaten, burned and how many more you have left
  • You can track nutrients (fat, carbs, fiber, etc.) and add new foods to the database
  • View your progress by the day or week.

Lose It! is a great resource and, best of all, it's free.

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