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The Bottom Line

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Updated October 26, 2010

Paige Waehner
DailyBurn is sleek, well-designed diet and fitness tracking website with a variety of features. You can get the basics in the free version or get more advanced features with several package options. The site is easy to use, they offer free training programs and the food database is extensive. A nice feature is the ability to sign up for challenges and compete with other members on the site. DailyBurn also offers iPhone apps and a food scanner option allowing you to scan your foods right from the label.


Price: Free/Pro Lite Plan: $5.99 per month/Pro Plan: $9.99 per month/Elite Plan: $24.99 per month


  • A food log and nutrition database that includes thousands of foods
  • A diet analysis that shows a breakdown of carbs, fat and protein
  • The ability to set and track weight loss goals
  • Free training programs for a variety of fitness goals
  • A searchable exercise database with the ability to add your own exercises
  • Accountability partners to keep you motivated
  • Optional challenges give you new goals to conquer
  • Progress reports you can view online or download
  • A calendar that shows your workout schedule for the month

The pro version includes even more features, including advanced exercise and nutrition tracking, pro training plans, advanced iPhone features, meal plans and more.

The Basics

Nutrition - One of the most tedious aspects of online tracking is entering your meals each day. DailyBurn makes it easy by letting you add each food right from the search page. It's nice not having to go back and forth between your log and the database. The database also includes more foods than I typically see at tracking websites. You'll have to pay for the Pro version to see a complete diet analysis, but it does give you a breakdown of calories, carbs, protein and fat and it shows how you're doing on your nutrition goals for the day.

Workouts - DailyBurn is a bit different from other sites I've reviewed in that they give you a variety of training plans to choose from, depending on your goals. This is great if you want a structured workout to follow and there are a variety of free cardio and strength plans offered. However, if you're an advanced exerciser, there are no free training plans (you have to pay for the Pro version) and there's no way to opt out of a training plan if you'd rather follow your own. You can enter your own workouts at any time, but I wrestled with the question of whether to log a workout I didn't do to avoid feeling like a failure or just ignore it. I'd like to see more flexibility in this section rather than being forced to choose a training plan.

Extras - Other features include challenges, which you can find or set for yourself (e.g., lose 10 pounds, walk 100 miles, etc.), a motivation section where you can invite your friends or search for workout buddies and a forum section where you can participate in discussions.

Pros and Cons


  • Slick, Clean Interface - I love the look of the site and the fact that the pages aren't cluttered with too many links, ads or information.
  • Easy to Use - Adding foods to your nutrition log is a breeze and, with a few clicks, you can easily log your workouts or add your own exercises.
  • Challenges and Motivation - I like the added features of subscribing to challenges and competing with other DailyBurn members, and it's also nice to be able to find other users to help motivate you.


My only real problem with DailyBurn is the workout section. It's nice to have training plans assigned, but I would love the ability to either skip that step, have more free programs available for advanced level exercisers or create my own training plan.

Overall, DailyBurn is a great choice for tracking fitness and diet while finding added motivation from the challenges and the community. DailyBurn makes the process of entering foods and workouts easy, so you spend less time tracking your fitness and more time actually working out. For people who want to track their workouts and diets even further, the pro packages offer a vast array of options to satisfy even the most detail-oriented exerciser.

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