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5 Ways to Add Intensity to Your Workouts


Updated July 13, 2006

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Try More Compound and Combination Movements
When it comes to strength training, some of the most powerful moves involve more than one muscle group and more than one joint movement. These kinds of moves can enhance your training, allowing you to lift more weight while giving you the extra calorie-burn that comes from involving the large muscle groups of the body. Not only that, compound movements are often more functional, working your body the way it actually moves on a daily basis.

You no doubt already do some compound movements in your training but maybe there are different exercises you can try to recruit more muscles and add some intensity to your strength training workouts. Here are just a few compound moves to incorporate into your workouts:

Combination exercises are also good for working multiple muscles and saving time. By combining exercises that work different muscles at the same time, you can add intensity as well as work on coordination, balance and stability:

  • Squats with an overhead press
  • Lunge with bicep curl or lateral raise
  • Deadlifts with a bent over row
  • Kickbacks with one leg extended at hip-level
  • Pushups with a one-armed row (do your pushups by gripping weights...once you push up, contract the abs to pull one arm up into a row, alternating sides)

For more, check out these workouts:

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