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Get Ready for Fall Fitness


Updated September 24, 2013

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Try Something New
Get Ready for Fall Fitness
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Summer often finds us being weekend warriors--going for long bike rides, playing sports and just generally getting out and being more active. When fall hits, many of us head to the gym or bring our workouts indoors and that can quickly lead to boredom and burnout. This is a great time of year to try something new.

Tai Chi

Also known as a moving meditation, Tai Chi is a slow, fluid activity that helps improve balance and strength while keeping you relaxed and connected to your body. Tai Chi is an excellent activity to do on a chilly fall night to help you stay active. Check at local clubs or gyms to find classes near you.


Yoga is another kind of moving meditation that promotes balance, flexibility and soothing mind/body connections. Check out our Yoga site for daily poses and more.

Strength Training.

If you tend to stick with more cardio activities in the summer, why not shift your focus? This is a great time to focus more attention on building strength, bone density, balance and stability to keep your body ready for warm-weather activities. This is also a good time to explore new methods of strength training that you've never tried before.


Pilates is another great mind/body activity that can help you strengthen your core while promoting flexibility and balance. This can be a great addition to your workout routine if you want to work your abs in a whole new way.

Circuit Training. If the weather's bad, move your workout indoors and keep things interesting with circuit training. By moving quickly from one exercise to the next (cardio, strength training or a mix of both), you'll keep your heart rate up, burn more calories and your workouts will fly by. For ideas, check out these circuit training workouts.

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