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10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight


Updated July 12, 2014

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You have a medical condition
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Some medical conditions and medications can contribute to weight gain. While not everyone will find this to be true, it's important to explore every avenue if you're genuinely following an exercise program and a clean diet and still not losing weight.

One condition known to affect weight is thyroid disease. A thyroid deficiency can cause a decrease in metabolism and may lead to weight gain. Visit these resources to learn more about the symptoms and treatment:

Thyroid Disease 101
Quiz: Could You Have a Thyroid Problem?

Prescription Medications

There are any number of drugs that may have weight gain as a side effect for some people. Some common ones include hormonal medications for birth control or menopause, oral steroids, some anti-depressants, diabetes medications and anti-psychotic medications. Wrong Diagnosis offers a comprehensive list of other medications that may affect weight.

You should get a diagnosis from a professional in order to determine whether your weight problems are medically-related.

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