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Weight Loss Sabotage


Updated December 08, 2010

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Your Friends - How Your Friends Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss
Have you ever had that friend who looks over your meal at a restaurant, cocks an eyebrow and says, "Are you sure you want to eat that?" We’ve all known people like that, but these people can also end up sabotaging your weight loss. Just like family members, friends can sometimes feel threatened by your weight loss, afraid that you’ll look better or that you’ll move on to a different circle of friends. They may even feel jealous that you're changing your life and moving forward while they're standing still.

Some things a sabotaging friend may say or do:

  • "Boy, I feel fat today. Do I look fat?" The problem? She’s thinner than a toothpick while you’re several pounds overweight.
  • You’re at a restaurant and your friend digs into a juicy burger, saying, "I don’t know how you can eat that salad. I would just die if I had to eat that all the time."
  • You mention you’re joining a gym and your friend says, "I heard that exercise can actually make you fat. Oh, you haven’t heard that? Well, I’m sure it won’t happen to you."
  • You’re at a bar and mention you’re on the wagon to lose weight. Your friend shouts, "A round of tequila shots, bartender! Hey, just one drink won’t hurt, right?"
  • You're on the way to the gym and your friend calls with an emergency. You skip your workout to help, only to find out her 'emergency' was not wanting to watch American Idol by herself.

Stop the Sabotage

  • Have a heart-to-heart. Like your family, your friend may not know what he’s doing. Telling him that you need his help to lose weight may make him more supportive.
  • Distance yourself. If your friend doesn’t change her behavior, you may need to take a breather from that relationship.
  • Find support elsewhere. Whether it's a support group or another friend who's trying to lose weight, find people who are on the same page and can help you keep those healthy habits.

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