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Attitude TU Ballet & Pilates Fusion

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Updated December 10, 2008

Attitude TU Ballet & Pilates Fusion
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The Bottom Line

Bernadette Giorgi's Attitude TU Ballet Pilates Fusion is a refreshing mix of traditional ballet and Pilates-based exercises with a focus on balance, flexibility and core strength. While those more familiar with ballet will be more comfortable with this workout, non-dancers can easily pick up the ballet exercises.

The Pilates section includes a variety of familiar moves such as 100s and The Saw. Ballet enthusiasts will be the biggest fans of Bernadette's workouts and will find that the two disciplines go well together.

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  • A gentle ballet routine that will appeal to an array of exercisers
  • A challenging Pilates workout that will increase strength in the abs and back
  • Moves are easy to learn and focus on balance, posture and core strength
  • Music is soothing and Bernadette's cueing makes the workout easy to follow


  • Non-dancers may not enjoy the ballet portion of the workout
  • No modifications are shown for some of the more challenging Pilates moves


  • Instructor: Bernadette Giorgi
  • Workout Type: Ballet & Pilates Fusion with Stretch Bands
  • Workout Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: $17.99
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate

Guide Review - Attitude TU Ballet & Pilates Fusion

If you're not a dancer, you may wonder if you'd enjoy a workout with ballet as its main focus. Even if that is a concern, I wouldn't dismiss this workout without giving it a try. Even non-dancers can pick up the moves and will find this is a great overall workout with a focus on core strength, balance and posture. Tutorials are included. So you can learn the basic Ballet positions before you start the workout.

The first section focuses on traditional ballet moves such as arabesques, pliés and relevés. Some sections include a resistance band to help with balance and add intensity. Non-dancers may find the ballet section to be the most challenging because you must coordinate the arm and leg movements at the same time, which takes some time to learn. There isn't a breakdown of the moves. But they're easy to pick up, even if you feel clumsy the first time around.

It has been a long time since I did ballet. So I used a chair for balance, which made the moves easier. The music is lovely, and the movements are fluid and challenging without being impossible.

The Pilates section of the workout is more advanced and includes traditional moves such as 100s, Roll Ups and, the Saw. You should be familiar with Pilates because Giorgi doesn't offer modifications or instruction for the exercises. She uses a 2-pound ball for some exercises.


This workout boasts variety, offering a sense of focus, grace and a chance to work on issues we neglect in traditional workouts such as balance, posture and flexibility. It is a nice introduction to ballet for those who just want to get their feet wet. Giorgi has great style and is lovely to watch.


If you're not into ballet or have two left feet, you may not enjoy this type of workout. Coordinating leg positions and arm movements is tough. So it isn't for those who are easily frustrated.

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