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Reader Reviews : Review Your Favorite Workout Headphones

User Rating 5 Star Rating (21 Reviews)


Updated September 30, 2010

If music is an important part of your workout, having the right headphones to stand up to the job is key. Do you have a favorite pair of workout headphones? Write your review and tell us about your favorite workout headphones.

Favorite Headphones by Joan - Yurbuds

I love Yurbuds. They are sized to fit your ear. They go into your ear canal making the sound better and blocking out other noise -- people, gym music, and equipment hums. I bought mine at a camera st…More

Favorite Workout Headphone Review - Philips In-Ear Headphones

Product No. SHE 5910I agree -- headphones are the most important part of many of my workouts, especially those in the gym! These headphones sound better than any others I have tried, and they seem to…More

Workout Headphone Review - Apple iPod Headphones

I got this Apple iPod shuffle as a gift from my brother on the eve of his marriage. During that time I had tried almost all sorts of headphones and had newly learned about iPod and its benefits for f…More

Workout Headphone Review - Koss Porta Pro

Great headphones when I hike or run outdoors in the fall to winter months. They have good sound and are built well. They stay put and keep my ears warm and are comfortable. They are adjustable to fit…More

Workout Headphone Review - Sony MDR-G4s

I love these headphones because, rather than wearing the connecting band between each ear over the top of your head, you wear the strong but flexible band behind and under the back of the head, just …More

Workout Headphone Review - DVLENG

I bought these in Thailand. They are the type that has a changeable size rubber ear plug. You get three different sizes and they have two plugs. They have volume control in the lead and one of plugs …More

Workout Headphone Review - Ultimate Ears 'Loud Enough' Earbuds

I have several pairs of these little babies (green, purple, and blue). They're designed for children, so they have smaller plugs than most - I have small ears, too. The cord (black for all) tangles m…More

Workout Headphone Review - WESC

This is the second pair of WESC headphones I've owned. They have an 'old school' look, and I feel more comfortable with something over my ears rather than in them! What I like about them is that they…More

Workout Headphone review - Zagg Smart-Buds

I love Zagg Smart-buds. I also have a drawer full of tangled rejects. These are the best I've found. Decent sound and they stay in my ears! I've had a problem with other headphones staying in my ears…More

Workout Headphone Review - Ear Molds

I had a problem with my earbuds not staying put,as my ears are quite small. I went through many pair trying to get them to stay put.I went to a hearing aid specialist,and they took a mold of my ear o…More

Workout Headphone Review - Sony Ultra Lightweight In-Ear Headphones

Sony Ultra Lightweight MDR-W08L Vertical In-The-Ear HeadphonesI have little ears and the ones that stick in your ears hurt so I found these by a fluke. They are cheap - $8 on Amazon, they are super l…More

Workout Headphone Review - Sony

I purchased a Sony headset for my iPod Nano(I hate the Apple headset, it's a pain in my ears), because I used them before and was very satisfied with the performance. I like them because they sit rig…More

Workout Headphone Review - Skullcandy Lowriders

Lowriders rock! They're lightweight, I workout with them daily, they tolerate sweat, I produce music with them, they are audiophile certified, and (relatively) cheap. $50 is a lot to shell out for he…More

Workout Heaphone Review - YurBuds

These earbuds are fantastic. They stay in your ear even when you wipe your face and head with a towel, they block out all of the conversations going on around you, and you don't need the volume of yo…More

Workout Headphone Review - Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones

Hands down any of the Sennheiser ear-canal headphone models. You will not be disappointed.I had the same problem, but I use an older pair of Sennheiser ear bud headphones with Earjams attached to the…More

Workout Headphone Review - Knowles Acoustics

Knowles makes components for some of the largest manufacturers on the planet. When looking for headphones, make sure you ask specifically for Balanced Armature technology. With ear buds, you no longe…More

Workout Headphone Review - Bose In Ear Headphones With Medical Tape

Honestly I have also bought every single pair of headphones touted for thier running compatibility. I currently use the Bose In Ear headphones, but to keep those buggers in place, I use a small strip…More

Favorite Workout Headphone Review - Sony Wireless Headset

I purchased the Sony brand headset because I read the Magnavox shot out easily with sweat.My first pair of wireless headsets ($90) lasted until of 8/2010 when the left ear stopped working. It gave me…More

Workout Headphone Review - Klipsch

After trying all manner of headphones, I've found that earbuds work the best for high energy workouts. I have small ears, so I've had problems finding earbuds that fit comfortably and don't pop out. …More

Workout Headphone Review by Gavin - Comply Foam Tips

I was in the same boat. Trying to find a perfect pair of headphones to have at the gym. I tried the over the ear headphones but they never sat properly in my ear. I tried the around the head and they…More

Workout Headphone Review by Geoff - Bose IE2

I have been looking for perfect workout headphones for a while and have tried lots of different types. The earbuds all seem to fall out of my ears, even though they have best sound quality. Have also…More

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