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Favorite Workout Headphone Review - Sony Wireless Headset

Reader Reviews: Review Your Favorite Workout Headphones

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By dfinochio

Updated October 03, 2010

Workout Headphones

Name of product: 

Sony Wireless Headset

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My Review 

I purchased the Sony brand headset because I read the Magnavox shot out easily with sweat.

My first pair of wireless headsets ($90) lasted until of 8/2010 when the left ear stopped working. It gave me pleasure for almost 2 years.

The head set goes over your ears and hooks over the top of your ear to keep it in place. You don't feel it, although if you "sweat" a lot while running they can get a little warm.

I was able to just replace the headset ($58) and not have to purchase the transmitter again. Maybe it is my imagination but the sound quality on the new headset is superior to the 1st set I purchased. The headset blocks out all the noise and overhead music completely at the gym. I use it while weight lifting, interval training and for cardio.

One feature I love is I can leave the iPod across the room while I am lifting weights and not have to attach it to my arm or pocket. Less to worry about while working out. So nothing gets in my way. I work out about 6 to 7 days a week and charge it a couple of times a week. The headset has 11 hours of playing time.

I travel for business and it is light and compact for packing and really nice on the airplane to wear since it "cancels" out the noise!

One other feature noted in the "directions" is it connects to other bluetooth technology too. I have not done this yet - but I am planning to hook up my cellphone for hands free talking.

This is my favorite toy. I would not trade it for anything.

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