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How Shannon Workouts on Her Lunch Hour

Share Your Story: How I Exercise On My Lunch Hour

By shannon

Updated April 26, 2010

Why I Exercise On My Lunch Hour

I like to workout at lunchtime because it wakes me up for the afternoon and even if I don't workout for the rest of that day at least I got something in.

On days that I do workout after or before work, I can cut my time in half if I do something at work.

How I Manage Lunchtime Workouts

I use to go down to the local gym but that got too crowed and rushed so now I keep an exercise ball and a set of weights in my office. (Plus exercise clothes).

One day I'll do core, next day upper body, another day legs etc.

I have an elliptical at home so I leave my cardio for that.

Works great!

Lessons Learned

  • I'm amazed how much of a great workout I can do in 20-30 minutes!
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