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Reader Stories: How I Got My Spouse or Loved One to Exercise


Updated March 31, 2010

If you've managed to nudge your spouse or loved one in a healthier direction, share your story and tell us how you got your spouse or loved one to exercise.

How One Woman Encouraged Her Spouse to Exercise

So two days a week I would get up at 5:30 to work out with him before his 7:30am work start and that was hard for me because I have a 9:30 work start (I like my sleep). But this is the sacrifice you …More

How Cynthia Encourages Her Spouse to Exercise

I set an example by talking the talk and walking the walk. Literally!!!I exercise nightly and almost always eat right. I don't diet, I simply have a healthy lifestyle. I eat lots of fruits and vegeta…More

How Dolores Encourages Her Spouse to Exercise

By being constant at it despite the temptation to stay home and watch tv or feeling bad for leaving him alone. Always continued with my clean eating habits (he made fun of it until Doctor urged him t…More

How Katie Encouraged Her Spouse to Exercise

After a routine doctor's appointment, I told my husband my cholesterol level was a bit higher than it should be, and the doc recommended that I workout more. I whined about not having motivation and …More

How One Exerciser Got His Spouse to Exercise

Start out slowly and take your spouse on a scenic rides with fairly short miles. Slowly add more and more miles and put yourself on a weekly schedule...Like "every sunday" is our day to go out and en…More

How I Got My Spouse to Exercise - Stairwalking

Each stairwalk is an adventure. We both love this so much that I've started a blog www.stairwalkinginla.wordpress.com. We are addicted to the stairwalks. We love exploring new areas and LA has beauti…More

How Nicole Is Working to Get Her Husband to Exercise

For one month I have taken over every meal and snack. I cannot make him exercise but I can make the food healthy. He seems to be enjoying the healthy choices but makes comments on how it could be imp…More

How Abi Got Her Husband to Exercise

I got my husband into playing World of Warcraft with me.Then I redecorated the exercise room a bright green, put a television in there, a mini-fridge with water soda and snacks, bought some cool movi…More

How Denise Got Her Husband to Exercise

What I did was, I continued exercising myself every day and finally he started walking 4 miles a day, 5 days a week. Wish he would do more but at least he does this.As far as eating, I'm the cook. He…More

How Dan Helped His Wife Start Exercising

I am fairly active myself. I play tennis, jog, lift weights and bike. But I had gained weight through poor eating habits and less aerobic work. I found the only time I could really get my workout in …More

How Rich Got His Wife to Live More Healthfully

Where I found it hard was at home, or out with friends when my wife would eat unhealthily and I been undisciplined would have to say "NO!". But to my surprise I did and it worked. After a while (a fe…More

How Dr. Steve Encouraged His Wife to Exercise

I reminded her that the exercise thing might just do the trick and she agreed. At a time she joined a local Jogging group, but dropped out, started her individual long trek yet abandoned that. I join…More

How One Woman Encouraged Her Husband to Exercise

We discussed reasons for exercising1. Health benefits: how we will benefit as individuals & family2. Physical beauty: He always tells me how proud he is that after two kids I still maintain my youthf…More

How Geo Helped a Disabled Friend Exercise

We began with standard flexibility, strength-building, and cardio-vascular exercises performed in gym settings, adapting them in the safest manner, with fitness equipment of a compact kind--wrist wei…More

How My Loved One is Helping Me Lose Weight

He just started talking to me about being healthy. He encouraged me to try new things. Mentioned a couple of times about visiting a health store. Told me wanted someone to live life with, not the he…More

How Cathy Encourages Her Husband to Exercise

Instead of "suggesting" things about exercise, I subtly changed our way of eating without him knowing. If I tell him it's a low-fat recipe, he automatically turns up his nose. So I don't tell him. I …More

How Sara Got Her Husband to Exercise

What worked for me was not to nag him, but to show by example. If I harped on him about what he was eating or his weight, he would basically shut down. But, I kept asking him if he wanted to go for w…More

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