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How One Woman Encouraged Her Husband to Exercise

Share Your Story: How I Got My Spouse or Loved One to Exercise

By Lepotlako

Updated March 16, 2010

What I did

I helped my husband to join me in exercises that I do at home; jogging, aerobics and a few indoor exercises. He likes music so I knew that something to do with dancing would help.

I bought few books, a Pilates book being one of them. I shared a few interesting things that I read about on the Internet about health and wellness. As for the kind of food that we eat, I, as a mother and cook, make sure that we eat food for its nutritional purpose not for its taste. Fortunately in that regard I have no problem, most of the time we eat vegetarian meals.

How I did it

We discussed reasons for exercising

1. Health benefits: how we will benefit as individuals & family

2. Physical beauty: He always tells me how proud he is that after two kids I still maintain my youthful look. This is what I used, I told him I also will love it if he maintains his look and cute appearance so we made a deal/promise that we will lead a healthy life, following 8 natural laws of health which include; exercise, rest, fresh air, sunlight, nutrition e.t.c

3. Sexual benefits: I tell you if it's anything that will improve your sex life, men will be willing to try that. You have to link physical fitness, mental health with sexual health then that's it. Remember to share information supporting that argument (you need to read and also use your personal experience)

4.Do everything with a loving and caring approach,above all things be humble and respect his reasons of not exercising (lame excuses) but continue showing him the benefits of exercising).

Lessons Learned

  • Identify what your spouse likes
  • Do something that you both like
  • Let it not be a serious thing, take it easy, enjoy yourselves when you exercise
  • Start off with light exercises but stick to the plan that you both agreed to
  • If the going seems to be tough, remind each other the reasons why you are doing this
  • Choose a time that will not interfere with your job/family
  • Let the kids know of your schedule, include them if possible, say, jogging or aerobics (they love it to see daddy/mommy sweating and dancing and soon they will be competing with the dance moves)
  • Healthy food on the table is the key
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