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How Donna Lost Weight After Menopause

Share Your Story: How I Lost Weight After Menopause

By donna

Updated July 17, 2010

Age I Experienced Menopause Symptoms

In my 50s

How Much Weight I Gained After Menopause

I went up to 198 pounds.

How Much Weight I Lost

I have lost 42 pounds in 2 years.

What I Did:

After having a full paid membership at a gym and not using it, I thought I needed to do something. I was listening to my devotions like I do every morning and the story was on getting a friend for life and to pick a person who you really don't know but you would like to know. Well, I did and her name is Marina and after getting to know her, I found out she loves to walk and is working on getting healthy. So we decided to go walking everyday after work. We are up to two miles a day now. We have several other co-workers who are joining us everyday. Our goal is to get up to five miles.

How I Did It:

We walk two miles a day at the college by our house. The track is free, the company is good and it is good to go out and breathe the fresh air. We sometimes even walk around the whole campus which is exactly 5 miles. In California it's a little breezy, but with good company and a warm jacket it can be done with no problem. Since I started walking, I have no more asthma attacks and no more headaches. I have not felt this good in along time. I plan to keep this style as my daily routine for life even if we have to move to the gym for the winter.

Lessons Learned

  • The lesson I learned is that it doesn't matter if you do not have an expensive gym or all the money in the world. You need to make yourself be ready for change and be happy with the things that you have. Good life will come to you if you are positive and have a good relationship with Jesus and find yourself a friend or person who can encourage you instead of putting you down. May the Lord bless you all to have healthy thoughts and bodies.

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