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I lost 20 pounds

Share Your Story: How I Lost Weight

By witchdoc

Updated October 05, 2009

How much weight I lost

20 pounds

What motivated me to lose weight

Feeling old when I am only 30, panting when climbing the stairs, not able to choose the right clothes, being out of shape, .etc

How I lost weight

Watching what I ate was very important. I spent a lot of time reading on the Internet about how to eat healthy foods. Through out my quest to lose the extra pounds I never followed any diet plan. I never deprived myself for something I crave, but there was this simple rule, if for example I ate chocolate then I would know that the following day I would have to work extra hard at the gym to make sure I burned more calories. I think that the main problem about losing weight is that people want to lose weight fast. You just have to give yourself time and be patient. The slower you lose weight, the better the chance for you to keep the weight off. You have to believe in yourself. If there many people out there who lost weight, so can you. They are not better than me. The other important thing of course was exercise. Circuit training has helped me a lot together with interval cardio training. These type of exercises makes your body burn more calories after the actual exercise, which of course helps to reduce the weight. There are lots of programs out there. The ones T followed were designed by a guy called Arnel Ricafranca. I owe my weight loss mainly to his exercise plans.

Tips and Tricks

  • believe in yourself
  • set your goals
  • never lose patience
  • try to stick to a sport that you like
  • put variety in your exercises
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