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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Home Fitness Equipment?

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Updated October 29, 2009

From the article: Exercise on a Budget
If you workout at home, you've probably found a few favorite pieces of equipment you can't live without. Setting up a home gym can be confusing and you don't want to waste your money. Help other exercisers out by telling us about your favorite pieces of home gym equipment. What's in your home gym?

where I've worked out before

I use to work out at those community workout centres in my area where I live , then from there I worked out at some social centre such as the YMCA, from there I became a member at Goodlife fitness there I made an effort to continue to work-out at Extreme fitness from there I go to Flirty girls fitness
—Guest gitoya

exercise equipment

I love my total gym. You can get cardio workout and strength training. Kettle bells are great too.
—Guest sue

Favorite home fitness equipment.

Healthcare high tech-magnetic system, because that gives you full body fitness.
—Guest jerald pereira

Favorite Exercise Equipment

My favorite piece of exercise equipment is my Bender ball.


Definitely, the exercise ball and several sets of dumbbells. Considering, I just had a stent microsurgically inserted into my heart, those simple pieces of equipment in addition to "mother nature" will be my partners to return to the strength and fitness levels before the illness. No matter your fitness level, please do not neglect regular doctor visits for physicals and checkups... They located a blockage and were able to re-open the artery. If ignored a heart attack would have occurred. Simple is best... that's why I love the Swiss ball and dumbbells. Try walking after upper- body surgery and you'll realize how important core is!!! Ciao...
—Guest Jai Warren

Favorite Home Exercize Equipment

BOWFLEX handsdown! I started resistance training in my early teens (cables, weights,etc) I think I tried them all. I became a big fan of Bob Hoffman at York Barbells. I ordered the info VHS for Bowflex, ended up buying the XTL model and later added the extra bow package that allowed additional resistance. I found I could do all the training I needed to do in less time and reduced effort (no plates to change). As with any resistance training I found it good to keep a log of my exercises (reps and resistance). Also with Bowflex cheating is not an option thus avoiding strains and pains. Love my Bowflex and highly recommend it. Art


My favorite gym equipment? My yoga mat. I have had rowing machines, spin cycles, and free weights, but the mat is the perennial favorite. Yoga is my foundation fitness workout.
—Guest MaryBirnbaum

Nordic Track Elliptical & Free Weights

I really enjoy using my elliptical when it's cold outside... or when I am too lazy to get to the gym. My free weights come in a close second.

favorite home equipment

I use the treadmill with incline/decline and I also use my pet. My dog Rocky walks with me every day for 30 minutes at a fast pace, then we come home, then we take turns on the treadmill, Rocky 10 min and I do another 30 mins. I also use 3 lb dumbbells and exercise ball.
—Guest Alexandria

Exercise at Home

I love my hula hoop and Wii Fit. I've never been so toned and slender!
—Guest jacquila

I love all my gym equipment!

I am very fortunate that I have the equipment and space for a home gym. It's really quite hard for me to have a favorite piece of equipment because I DO use all of them equally. However, I do love that I have MIRRORS. They help me to make sure my form is correct when lifting weights which is VERY important. And I can watch the muscle that I'm working which helps me focus more on that muscle. I suppose if I really had to choose to keep only one piece of equipment, it would be the multi-function cage that has several attachments to it. I can work out every muscle group with it. I could always get my cardio outdoors!
—Guest janlovesgym

Favorite Home Exercise Equipment

I practically have a full home gym - recumbent bike, elliptical, pilates, BOSU, balance ball, Bowflex weights/bench...however I will tell you the surprising truth about my favorite piece of equipment. It's my Wii. I have The Biggest Loser "game", EA Sports Active, Wii Fit and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Let me tell you - they give you a workout! It is like having a personal trainer in your home. Each has a fitness calendar with scheduled activities for optimum workouts for the various muscle groups. They track your progress and they keep you honest with whether you have completed your commitments for each day. You set your goals for a given time frame and programs are set for you accordingly. I think the Wii is the best thing to happen in home fitness. I can't recommend it enough!

Favoriet Home Fitness Equipment

Best equipment is good sneakers. Put 'em on and walk with Leslie Sansone. All o fthe DVDs are good and I look forward to "walking" with her every day. I lost 10 lbs in about three months just walking each day in my living room.

You don't need much equipment

I have a few sets of dumbbells, an exercise ball, a step and a great library of workout videos. That's all I need to get a great workout, but I would love to get more equipment just to stave off boredom. A BOSU, a treadmill and a barbell set are all on my wish list. I do think it's harder to workout at home sometimes - at the gym, there's nothing else to do except exercise. At home, you can find all kinds of things to distract you from exercise. It helps to follow a schedule every day.
—Home Exerciser

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