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Readers Respond: How did you exercise during pregnancy?

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Updated April 06, 2010

From the article: Exercising During Pregnancy
Exercising while you're pregnant is important for your health and your baby's, but it isn't always easy. Nausea, fatigue, aches and a shifting center of gravity make it tough to stick with a consistent routine, even if you exercised before you were pregnant. If you've been there, share your story and tell us how you exercised during pregnancy.


I am 7 months pregnant and I have always worked out, 3-4 times a week before pregnancy and now 2-3 times a week, it has been harder but I've been told by doctors and midwives to keep it up, I do weight lifting as well and have just had to lower and adjust the weights a little, my shape is exactly the same at 7 months apart from a bit bigger on the bottom and arms. I know it can be really hard finding the energy but I think if you push yourself you won't lose that shape you had before, I'll wait and see in 12 weeks. I also believe it helps with stretch marks stimulating the skin and blood keeping all nutrients flowing . Good luck mummys x
—Guest Kerry


I worked out for half an hour each day before I got pregnant. Now that I am pregnant, I feel extremely tired and nauseous. It's difficult working out when you feel this way. I just don't have the strength to do the exercises and it makes me feel more tired, and more nauseous. I tried to do only yoga as much as I can when I can and when I do feel a fine, I try to do other things, but it's really difficult..
—Guest moimoiselle

how did I exercise during pregancy

I have had five children and had my first in the 1980's. I used Jane Fonda's workout for pregnancy, birth and post natal and it was amazing! I toned up and got into my size 8 jeans within three months of working out! Throughout the pregnancies I would work out every day, so I got back to my pre natal weight and shape really quickly. I would recommend it every time!
—Guest rachyroo

Water aerobics

When I was pregnant 24 years ago there weren't many choices. I was attending traditional aerobic classes for awhile then discovered water aerobics. It was wonderful. The water made me feel great. I got a good workout and was able to relax in the water afterward. After my son was born and old enough, I took him to the same pool for water babies. I think he knew he'd been there before!

Exercising is great

During my 1st pregnancy I worked out and trained others until I could no longer do the incline sit-up! At about 5 months. I continued to take brisk walks. During my 2nd pregnancy I did the Curves work out all the way thru. L&D and recovery was great. Now with this 3rd pregnancy working out consistantly is not really in my budget or time schedule. I walk often but mainly try to keep up with my 4 1/2 and 2 yr olds. My weight gain in pretty average and nursing helps me loose the extra baby weight. Main thing is to eat healthy and move often and drink lots of water! Good luck!
—Guest Tracey

Workout mama

I worked out right up until the end while pregnant with both my kids. Made labor and delivery fast and recovery better. It was not always easy, but did relieve morning (all day) sickness.
—Guest ksedwick

walking and stairs

I had a lot of energy with my 2nd child which would give me an urge to want to go running but settled for the treadmill at a fast walk. But I stopped doing this as I became bigger because people would look at me as if I was crazy. So I would just take walks and take the stairs when I saw them. I became out of shape with my first child so I decided I would do things differently with my second.
—Guest energetic mommy

Pregnant Spinning Instructor

Exercise before and during pregnancy made my pregnancy so much better from what I heard from others. No matter what, I made it a point to get to the gym and just do at least 30 minutes of some kind of movement. I also taught spinning 3 days a week which I was able to do all the way up to when she was born. My labor was less than four hours long, only 2 pushes, and she was very healthy; I also was back to normal size within 3 weeks after delivery, and I am not naturally thin, I work out and eat very healthy and gain weight very easily! I was told that my movement during pregnancy is what made it go easy; I worked out daily not to get back to normal but because I wanted her to be healthy and be ready for labor (it is called labor because that is what it is, actually physical labor)!
—Guest kristi j

Pregnancy Exercise

I was a runner and a Yogini before getting pregnant and continued running till about halfway. Running actually greatly helped with my nausea and tiredness. I only slowed down due to pretty bad upper respiratory infection around month 5 and since month 6 growing belly and very loose hips and ligaments have prevented me from running. But I continue brisk walking and my Yoga practice every day.
—Guest szczotka

Exercising Works!

I was active before getting pregnant, exercising 30-45 min 5-6 days a week. When I got pregnant in the beginning I developed cysts on my ovaries so I had to stop high-impact exercising. I would go to the gym 5 days a week and either bike or get on the elliptical. I was blessed not to have much morning sickness and the exercise actually left me feeling a little more energized. I think that working out made my delivery SO much easier. I only pushed for 20 minutes and was in labor for less then 3 hours. Working out also helped out with recovery as well. I was up walking around the subdivision the day we got home from the hospital and was back at the gym only 4 weeks postpartum. I know that everyone's situations are different, but if you can exercise while pregnant...do it. It will make delivery so much easier and even help you de-stress during.
—Guest mjporretta

Workout Mama

I was a runner before I got pregnant and kept going until I was at the beginning of my third trimester. I was lucky that I didn't have much nausea, but fatigue was a major problem for me. Many days, I walked or alternated walking and running. I was just glad to keep doing something - it made pregnancy much more bearable!
—Workout Mama

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