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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fitness App?

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Updated May 06, 2009

Bodbud Exercise

Great home workout generator for android http://www.fitnessandroid.com/
—Guest Otah

Nike Training Club! (NTC)

This app is the best fitness app out there I think. With over 60 prepared workouts to get lean, toned, or strong and have workouts for all levels. And, you can earn workouts as you earn minutes from doing other ones. You could earn a fast paced workout from Lea Michelle, or a explosive one from Hope Solo! You can set the music to these too, and a trainer talks to you throughout the workouts telling you when to switch side and switch exercises and give you motivation. It requires little equipment, but I would suggest having a set of dumbbells! Oh, did I mention it was free?!
—Guest Sewsporty908

Pushup Warrior App

The Pushup Warrior App has over 120 different pushup variations and a lot of cool exercises you can do with minimal equipment.
—Guest Jannillo


Loving Endomondo at the moment. Available for pretty much any smartphone and with an online social element which lets you team up for challenges, have office leaderboards and generally give you loads of motivation to get out riding/running etc.
—Guest Factor41

Jade of Spades

So glad I found this. Best fitness app because it's more like a game than anything else. First time I sweat working out to an app.
—Guest Lisa

Lose it

I haven't found a fitness app that I like. I like to walk and have an old generation IPod. However, I love Lose it. It's very easy to track your calories and I don't have to be connected to internet.
—Guest Margaret

FitRabbit: Social Fitness Game

FitRabbit for the iPhone makes fitness into a social game. Unlike other fitness iPhone apps, it leverages the social network. Rather than fixating on weight and calories, FitRabbit's prizes reward consuming high quality foods and exercising consistently. Unlike other apps, FitRabbit is useful without being distracting. It provides calories per serving information, but not overwhelming statistics. Through the heartrate monitor, users can record and measure workout intensity with just a few taps, rather than typing. Check it out! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitrabbit/id448284052?ls=0 mt=8
—Guest Amber Dixon

New Healthy Mom App

Here's a new iPhone app to help mothers-to-be stay in shape and new moms take off the baby weight. Mommacise! Take a look. http://mommacise.com/


Check out miStrengthCoach! Great fitness app to get in shape...designed by one of the country's top strength coaches who works with pro athletes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mistrengthcoach/id434828652?mt=8
—Guest Mark

Measure your fitness level

The following app allows you to measure your aerobic fitness base with the classic 12 minute run fitness test http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/12minuterun/id440476864?mt=8 ls=1
—Guest 12 Minute Run

Premier fitness training app!

miStrengthCoach was designed by a top strength coach who works with pro athletes--it really works!
—Guest miStrengthCoach

Those are good but

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ripped/id436217605?mt=8 This one is the best I have found

Bodymedia thru Jenny Craig

I have been using the BodyMedia arm band through the Jenny Craig plan and find it interesting on how my body reacts to certain food intake and burning calories..lost 15 lbs since Jan using it. My doctor believes it is making a difference since avg person believes their calorie intake is 50% more than they realize and exercise is 60% less than they really perform. I have changed both since wearing it and am more conscious of intake and activity levels now. Worth the money for me.
—Guest Tess

Get Fighting Fit with Para Fitness app

Some brilliant suggestions. I'd add the Para Fitness app. It is ours, but it's been rated app of the week by The Sun (UK's best selling paper) so it's not just us that thinks this is a one of the best fitness apps out there. And it's perfect for anyone. Created by Major Sam McGrath, the former head of recruitment and training at the British Paras, the Para Fitness App offers a series of eight-week exercise programmes. The beauty of this fitness app is that its built in fitness assessment helps you work out your own level so you can choose the programme to suit you - Recruit, Soldier or Para. It then serves up a daily exercise programme with tips on perfecting well known exercises and brilliant advice and encouragement to help you tackle trickier ones. Killer Bastards anyone? The hardest part of exercising is getting your trainers on and getting out the door. McGrath is your man for serious motivation. A great fitness app to get you fighting fit for summer.
—Guest BelindaG


The very best one: (1) free workouts & fitness plans searchable by category e.g. weight loss or bodybuilding, (2) high quality exercise videos, (3) easy to create my own routine (4) schedule so I know which workout to do that day (5) cool charts & reports (6) connected with a Web portal & Facebook. You call should really try it http://fitsync.com

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