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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fitness App?

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Updated May 06, 2009

Fitness and exercise apps can be great tools for staying on track, monitoring weight loss and providing new workout ideas. Whether you want new exercises to try, a way to log your workouts or an app to track your running mileage and pace, it's out there. Do you have a favorite fitness app you can't live without? Add it to the list and give us some new ideas. Share Your Favorite Apps

My fave apps...

If you know what workouts you want to do, and want to program your own, hands down my fave app is fitlist --- for the ipad and for seeing which muscles I want to work and choosing exercises I love imuscle2. For fun new routines I enjoy PopSugar Active, and last but not least, I use DigiFit in conjunction with my heart rate monitor to monitor my workouts and count calories expended.
—Guest FortyNorthFIT!


I use the GYM TUCK app from Joshua Lipsey it has 530 exercises and the videos are shot so nicely!


there is a new app out called CardioSurprise! It shuffles in circuits such as push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, etc. into your usual cardio worktu. It's a lot of fun.
—Guest Rose

Best app for my running exercises

Personally I use the Runner Drummer iPhone app to control my cadence/tempo. This app sounds like a real dance drummer - and a very good one at that. Best of all, it's user-friendly: just tap one button to change cadence/tempo, drum sounds or close down. The included cowbell sound is even processed to be audible from the iPhone speaker in less-traffic areas, so that a pair of headphones is not necessary during running exercises!
—Guest Jan Nielsen

Lumon Fit!

I use lumon Fit. It is a new Ipad app designed to eliminate the need for clipboards for trainers. Here are just a few of the things it can do: - Calendar integration (Lumon Fit will schedule all your clients appointments for you) - Reassessment reminders - Intelligent exercise charts - Electronic signatures for all documentation - Wireless printing and emailing forms, data, or templates - iCloud integration (never lose you patient’s info) You can find more info by visiting lumonfit.com and also looking it up in the apple app store.
—Guest Andre

Great fitness app

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instructional-fitness/id398534874?mt=8 - Instructional Fitness. I use toning and have gone down from 180 to 149! Watch videos while you do cardio and then hit up with weights
—Guest Alen

Rehab TherX App

If you are a rehabilitation professional or a trainer, you really should get Rehab TherX - Exercises on the go. It is loaded with illustrated exercises with clear instructions and pre-set routines. It even allows the user to email the program to their client so that they can view it on their smartphone, wherever they are. Must-have app!
—Guest Elgee

ABSessions obsession

I really like this new little abs workout app - ABSessions. It's different from all others in that there is a continuous voiceover by a trainer for every exercise. It's like having a coach standing right next to you. Plus, you can play it to your own iTunes music. Pretty cool. Only $1.99. The word about it is slowly spreading, so check it out! absessionsapp.com
—Guest NYChica

Workout in a Bag!

Goal driven, fun, moving pictures and portable! Choose your level/time and get moving-no equipment needed!
—Guest Anne Osovski


I like abs from Cainax very good apps for daily training
—Guest Mauricio


This is a great app for people that struggle with figuring out the weights while they work out. www.weightstacker.com
—Guest Dustin B

Dietio Mobile

I have a personal trainer and use Dietio Mobile with him, it's great! My personal trainer purchases Dietio Mobile on a subscription bases and manages all of his clients through this application. He can set detailed diet plans, exercise plans motivate and chat with me as well as integrate our social feeds through it! It only cost me 0.99 to download as well which was great and it is like having my PT in my pocket at all times with my personalised plans. I think Dietio Mobile is currently at their BETA stage so as a web page but will be going onto the App Store for the end of next month which I for one am really looking forward to. I think if you are a personal trainer you can register here: www.dietio.com and then can use the app for free for 3 months I think my trainer said to me. If I didn't have a personal trainer I think I would probably just use myfitnesspal as that has served me really well. Hope this suggestion helps :) Joanna.
—Guest Joanna

Love Fitgirlapp

This is my favorite go to app since buying my last 4 fitness apps. This app has it all. Natural diets and some of the best workouts i have ever done (I've worked with 6 trainers in last 13 years and have done well over a 100 aerobic classes). This developer really created an app that works. I love the cardio boxing workouts that have shown me how to really hit my bag at home the right way. Plus, since using the athletic girl workouts ive lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. 2 to go :). If your a girl you must try this app. Oh ya, its definitely best on my Ipad for all the video instruction. P.S. Try my favorite workout series: Boxing chic program1, Athletic girl progam 2 and body burn arm workout 3. I promise you'll be dripping in sweat.

The best fitness app

Kal Virtual Trainer is the best fitness app, with a workout player and a workout generator..
—Guest momo

Workout in a Bag!

This App is fun, easy to follow, challenging and complete with moving pictures of each exercise! The bag is different every time! I love that I can connect to my itunes playlists, and I can set the time of the bag from 20-60 minutes depending on how much time I have to workout that day! No equipment needed. "Do the Bag!"
—Guest Anne Osovski

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What's Your Favorite Fitness App?

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