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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fitness App?

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Updated May 06, 2009

Fitness and exercise apps can be great tools for staying on track, monitoring weight loss and providing new workout ideas. Whether you want new exercises to try, a way to log your workouts or an app to track your running mileage and pace, it's out there. Do you have a favorite fitness app you can't live without? Add it to the list and give us some new ideas.

My fave apps...

If you know what workouts you want to do, and want to program your own, hands down my fave app is fitlist --- for the ipad and for seeing which muscles I want to work and choosing exercises I love imuscle2. For fun new routines I enjoy PopSugar Active, and last but not least, I use DigiFit in conjunction with my heart rate monitor to monitor my workouts and count calories expended.
—Guest FortyNorthFIT!

Good app

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/perfect-abs-with-weider-six/id526676847?mt=8 Best application for weider six, simple and intuitive
—Guest Cezary

iPersonal Trainer

iPersonal Trainer tracks your weight and measurements, alternates workout sessions every time, so that you end up training all muscles by different workouts. It also calculates calories burned during these exercises. You can customize your own workout choosing from their variety of given exercises. I certainly can not train without it.
—Guest Nat

Poworkout training apps!

Dont miss Poworkout Trim & Tone and Poworkout Ball & Band, easy fun workout routines.
—Guest Caroline


Checkout Fitnessone at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitnessone/id461270724?mt=8 Great app!! It's like having your own personal trainer works well!! I would recommend for everyone and anyone to download if you're looking to get fit and/or loose weight!! The unique feature about this app is that it generates workout tailored specifically to your goals.It also has tons of workouts that you can do at home.


I like Body Tune. Set up your exercises and your music and just go. When its time to change exercises, you get a audio segue. It really helps keep me going through the whole workout.
—Guest GymBoy


My new favorite exercise app for apple devices is FitBeat. It keeps track of basic stats and plays songs from your music library, but the cool thing is that it synchronizes your music to your exercise. It seems to use the sensors to figure out your rhythm and adjusts the tempo of the music to fit that. Very cool and it works well and sounds surprisingly good.
—Guest JD

You should definitely check out Vitogo!

Vitogo is a great new fitness app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like a personal trainer, Vitogo assesses your fitness level and goals to give you a tailored workout program that evolves with you. Vitogo coaches you through every step of your workout, tracks your progress, and keeps you motivated with the support of your friends and other users. Check it out at http://www.vitogo.com

The Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout

The Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout for iphone and soon Android is a great way to train your abs and core without the need for any equipment
—Guest Pr

Bodbud Exercise

Great home workout generator for android http://www.fitnessandroid.com/
—Guest Otah

Nike Training Club! (NTC)

This app is the best fitness app out there I think. With over 60 prepared workouts to get lean, toned, or strong and have workouts for all levels. And, you can earn workouts as you earn minutes from doing other ones. You could earn a fast paced workout from Lea Michelle, or a explosive one from Hope Solo! You can set the music to these too, and a trainer talks to you throughout the workouts telling you when to switch side and switch exercises and give you motivation. It requires little equipment, but I would suggest having a set of dumbbells! Oh, did I mention it was free?!
—Guest Sewsporty908

Pushup Warrior App

The Pushup Warrior App has over 120 different pushup variations and a lot of cool exercises you can do with minimal equipment.
—Guest Jannillo


Loving Endomondo at the moment. Available for pretty much any smartphone and with an online social element which lets you team up for challenges, have office leaderboards and generally give you loads of motivation to get out riding/running etc.
—Guest Factor41

Jade of Spades

So glad I found this. Best fitness app because it's more like a game than anything else. First time I sweat working out to an app.
—Guest Lisa

Lose it

I haven't found a fitness app that I like. I like to walk and have an old generation IPod. However, I love Lose it. It's very easy to track your calories and I don't have to be connected to internet.
—Guest Margaret

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