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Readers Respond: Most Embarrassing Songs or Artists On Your Workout Playlist

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Updated July 20, 2010

Workout music is essential for many of us, but we all probably have a few embarrassing numbers on our workout playlists. What about you? Tell us about the most embarrassing song or artist on your workout playlist.



Shake your money maker

I'm mostly into Alternative and sometimes Heavy Metal, but I have to admit I have a number of Ricky Martin songs on my iPod. My husband has found me, more than once, shaking a little Ricky Martin flavour myself while working out at home. In my own defense, it has a great rhythm for cardio. Whatever works, right?
—Guest Amanda

Wow! I am appalled....

My workout playlist is comprised of my favorite intense, hardcore music- I'm a metalhead and a music lover. Other times, I prefer to listen to classical, blues, classic rock, Waylon, etc. How you get motivated jamming Manilow & Air Supply is beyond me. My brother was listening to Johnny Cash (1 of my faves) during our last half-marathon... I thought "what a dork". I guess it's a rhythm thing for me. Intensity calls.
—Guest DM

Most embarrassing song on workout playli

I'm a 60 something grandman and ZZTOP's Pearl Necklace is 'out of character'.
—Guest taffy

Gangsta' Hip-Hop and Rap.

Not that there is something wrong with it, by any means, but being in a Punk Rock band it would be disastrous for my credibility on stage. What can I say (I gets busy).

Sexy Back

It's the dirty version and heck why not? Isn't that what I am trying to do???
—Guest ladyinred2009

Britteny Spears

Circus by Britteny Spears is as bubble gum as it comes but for some reason it helps me when I run. I would die if someone found it on my iPod though!
—Guest Celeste Goff

Hair, Hair, Hair

We're not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister, Bang Your Head (Metal Health) by Quiet Riot and Round and Round by Ratt. :-)
—Guest Betty

Expletive, Expletive, Expletive

I am a seventh grade teacher whom most people view as prim and proper...When I'm working out that goes out the window - I listen to Rage Against the Machine, The Beastie Boys, and Atmosphere. Who knew such explicit lyrics could be so freeing and motivating while running an 8 miler?
—Guest lizzie z


They sang Barbie Girl. The entire album is great for cardio.
—Guest Suze

Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair

... from South Pacific, Stuck In the Middle With You, Saturday Night Fever, If I Only Had a Brain, Shake Your Pom Pom,
—Guest guest

"Fish" by the Housewives

I wasn't paying attention when I made a mix that had the above-mentioned song on it. The lwere, "There are two things in the world that smell like fish One of them is fish" Then a chorus would ask, "Whats the other one?" "Fish" I couldn't have cleared the class faster if I pulled the fire alarm. I don't mix music any more. .../Mike
—Guest Mike Broderick

back to the 80's

i have an old mix-tape which has "Hit me with your best shot" on it.
—Guest Hollyg69

Worse yet...

The worst thing you have accidentally inflicted on a group fitness class you were teaching. The uncut version of White Horse, Erotic City...as a new instructor I learned quickly to read before playing! And btw...I too admit to liking Superfreak and Baby Got Back and even Funky Cold Medina.
—Guest kimsgym

Somewhere beyond the Sea

I don't know which version I have, but this song just *gets* me. I actually stopped to do the Frank Sinatra lamp post twirl while out for a jog the other day. Hey, a skinny(er) girl just has to have fun when she's moving! :P
—Guest jellybean

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