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Readers Respond: How do you manage stress with exercise?

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Updated November 04, 2008

From the article: Workouts for Stress Relief
How do you deal with stress? If you’re like most people, you probably have do a mixture of things - some healthy and some not-so-healthy. Exercise is a great way to reduce tension, but there are so many options to choose from. Is there a right or wrong exercise for stress reduction? Leave your tips for how you manage stress with exercise.

Tough Workouts

I was getting lazy and weak in my senior years state. The Harvard Men's Health newsletter reviewed a publication of theirs titled "Strenth and Power at Any Age," They had another pub, "Core Exercises." Lacking enough personal motivation, I didn't get started. In my neighborhood (Palos Verdes Peninsula in the Los Angeles area) a young woman had recently started a fitness center called "Coreology" using the Power Pilates Megaformer machine. She and her staff direct a strenuous varied 45 minute fitness regime adaptble to all levels. The result for me is a new range of flexibility, strength, weight loss, and activity that resolves the stress and worry of aging. Do what you can, it helps.

boxing gym

I discovered a new way to relieve stress through boxing. There is a boxing gym by my office, Biscayne Boxing & Fitness Club . I decided to check it out one day and wow it was fun, a great cardio workout, and I felt great after. It's a "one big family" environment too so there's group motivation involved too.
—Guest guestjenny

I swim

I live in Florida, and I have access to several private pools. Once you begin, you'll feel your heartbeat increase. Make sure that you are swimming either backstroke, overhand, or any type that raises your heartbeat. If you get too out of breath, just stop long enough so your heart rate rests again. I am loosing weight, toning up and having fun doing it.

Yes, running is still the best medicine

Not only does running take away my stress, it completely eliminates my neck ache, migraine, stuffy nose and other pains. After a very strenuous run, I feel all ready to save the world! Another quick way to relieve stress is to gulp down a half-litre bottle of Florida orange juice (no sugar, just the original juice). My entire system feels clean and energized for hours. Note: If I drink juice from concentrates, my throat gets sticky and a headache swells behind my neck, probably due to the sugar.
—Guest Francis Chin

Elliptical workouts

After a really stressful day at work, (and there are many!)I love to go to the gym, put one of my favorite playlists on, and just go crazy on the eliptical machine!
—Guest Kikigirl


In all my time of trying to find the best destressor, I was told try walking (indoors or out) with a fast beat music. And it really works. I walk and the music prevents my mind to wander to the items that are stressing me, so I can enjoy my walk. I feel as if I had a good nite sleep and got to sleep in.
—Guest jacjerkids


i go boxing and take all my stress and anger away with that. makes you feel good and its a good cardio workout away from weights.
—Guest matty


When i dance even in a certain place in the house,in my room,makes me feel relieve of my stress in work,a good music that's pleasant to hear and sweating out from dancing is relaxing for me
—Guest Marjorie

Zen and the Art of the Treadmill

There's nothing quite as comfortable as sweatpants after a long day at the office. And after a particularly rough day, I enjoy hopping on the treadmill for a little zen time. First, I let my mind cover all the stressors that need resolutions so I can get a plan of action down. Then, with a clear mind, I'm able to concentrate on nothing but the sheer pleasure of motion. I usually find half an hour to an hour has zipped by when I'm done. The best thing about doing it on a treadmill is I don't have to worry about traffic, stray dogs, bad weather, etc. Its a guilty pleasure without the guilt.
—Guest Kristy

Tai Chi

I have to say life has been very stressful the whole year of 2008, reason: Recovering from Cancer. So I've found that practice of Tai Chi to be very helpful. I totally get lose in the slow movement of the exercise, and feel like a new person once my session is over. I hope this will help, I also walk 3 to 4 times per week 4.5 miles. Look forward to reading what others find helpful. Regards, 1Stepaheda
—Guest Stepaheda


I do meditation when I'm not able to take a walk. I've learned a technique to relax all the muscles through deep breathing and relaxation. It works very good. Sometimes a fell asleep but I wake up energized.
—Guest ANAID


Where I live, it's cold now--we had snow last night and it's in the 30's. But to beat stress, I bundle up and go sit in the sun outside for a few minutes. As I do this in the fall and winter, I always put sun tan lotion on my face (that's all that shows) because the lotion aroma makes me think I'm sunbathing at the pool in the summer!
—Guest crunchhourly

Walk it off!

When I'm having a very stressful day, I can't wait to get outdoors and go for a long walk. I try to walk almost every day covering about 4-5 miles in an hour. It's important for me to leave my i-Pod at home and take in the outdoors with all of my senses! By the time I return home, I'm ready to re-enter the world without stress! Walking solo works best to de-stress.

Weight Workouts & a massage

I work out three times a week with a personal trainer using weights with a mixture of cardio. To really relax I get a deep muscle massage once a week. My husband and I have a "date night" once a week, although we are empty nesters, taking the effort to dress up and go out to eat and have time to really communicate with each other is priceless -- from there we walk to a movie.
—Guest Ariel

Relax While Exercising

I like to float away while exercising. The exercises are easier to do and my mind is rested.
—Guest Beviejo

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