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Readers Respond: Did you gain weight during menopause? How did you handle it?

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Updated February 15, 2010

From the article: Menopause and Weight Gain
Going through menopause means major changes for your body and gaining weight is a common problem since declining estrogen can contribute to a lower metabolism, less activity and eating more calories. If you're going through or have gone through menopause, share your experiences. Did you keep going with the same diet and exercise program, but notice you were slowly gaining weight? If so, how have you handled it? Share your story. Share your story

It could be other things...

Please get a complete physical if you are gaining an extreme amount of weight or are gaining weight rapidly even though you're maintaining your daily caloric intake and physical activity. There may be medical reasons for your weight gain such as an underactive thyroid, side effects from medications among other things. Some of the posts I've read lead me to believe that there may be more than simply menopause as the culprit for these dramatic weight changes.
—Guest Deb


I'm 52 and was always 7.5st(105lbs), and a small uk8 us4. In the last 2 years I've put on 35lbs, and my size 10s (us6) are very tight!! 50 years is a long time to get used to being extremely slim, and I struggle to accept this new me! I exercise for 10 hours each week, and eat healthily, in the hope that all this bloating will lessen. Anyone any ideas?!!


I actually was browsing Internet to try and find out what going on with my body. No matter what I do, I am gaining weight....I am up 25 lbs. now and never ever expected this would happen to me. I am a post menopausal woman age 47 turning 48 next mo.! I've been working out and have lived a pretty active lifestyle and never had issues with weight...I've been juicing recently and working out and I'm still gaining, REALLY?? WTH?? I feel disqustingly fat and by the sounds of it, hearing from much of your alike stories...not a lot we can do about it but to keep fitting to get our figures back......I was really concerned but now, knowing I'm not the only woman out there with this issue is a relief.....thanks all for sharing your stories......I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!!!!
—Guest Elaine

don't know what to do

I know I'm going through something but do people who have had a hysterectomy go through menopause I don't take any estrogen or anything for my hormones but I'm gaining so much weight it's awful I can't stand long cause it hurts my back I'm having all does of problems I went to the doctor but I have no insurance so I don't get great help it's sad I'm poor but it's also affects my breathing I have high blood pressure I jus want to hey back tithe way I felt before I started gaining all this weight any suggestions
—Guest Elaine Jacobson

Have been gaining gradually

I have always been enviously thin and slim. Unfortunately that was set to change! I had a hysterectomy at age 45 after which I did gain a little weight but after I have crossed 48 I seem to be gaining bit by bit everyday, despite all efforts to the contrary. I pray it stabilises soon, else I can't imagine what I will be like. And Please I am not used to it!!! People say you are looking thinner today - I wonder how I who had always been thin, could invite such a comment.
—Guest Sarita Sikaria

Fat and mad as hell

I am 50 women and I work out 5-6 days a week and watch what I eat but I have gained over 30 pounds in sense my 50th birthday. I tried everything too lose this weight.
—Guest Dinetric H.


This site is very helpful to me. I just turned 48 and I was always thin and stayed in good shape. In the last 18 months I have gained 40 pounds (14 in the last 6 weeks), gone from a size 6 to 12, am tired all the time and have off and on weird water retention. So, I am glad to know this is normal. Thank you all!!
—Guest Carol

turned 50 and have gained a pound a day

the day I turned 50 i've gained a pound every day. It's been a month and I'm 30 pds heavier. run 5 miles 3 days a week and lift weights every other day what's going on
—Guest Laurie

Me too!!

I was a size 4 till I turned 50. Now I'm a size 12. I have no energy and hate my fat tummy. My face too is fat. This happened in 2 years. I weigh more than 170 lbs!! How?
—Guest Mag

we are not alone

Well I guess we are not alone! I use to weight 105 (till my late 30's) n was not happy too skinny! Now I weight 130 n really not happy! Im 5'5 n my body started changes around mid 40's now im 51 n never thought that I would one day want to lose weight, but that day is here! ; ( I look at myself n can't believe it, from being so skinny to now having a belly. I missed my period 3 mos but it came back. Im now going to zumba classes 5/6days n hope I will one day get this belly off me. Good luck ladies best wishes to you All.
—Guest Alina

we shouldn't be suffering like this

not in the year 2013 !! this is a very serious illness that healthcare and most of our society seem to take too lightly and actually laugh about after we suffer year upon year with no relief, poor quality of life in just about every way with no hope what so ever! i'm angry! and i can't stand my life anymore! i dread waking up each day! THIS IS NOT WHO I AM!!! wtf?? i wish you all rapid relief from this and want to thankyou for sharing here. it was helpful to actually read and realize i'm not alone. ( not that it makes any of this ok to live with for any of us) just to know i'm not alone or crazy has helped me tonite. thanks everybody for "putting in your 2 cents". lol..hope we all feel better as soon as possible.

So depressed

I, too, gained 25 lbs, it seems overnight. I am 45. I lost 85 lbs on Weight Watchers and kept it off for a while, so I know that I am eating and exercising right. The spare tire on my hips bothers me. The bloating bothers me. Nothing fits anymore. To add to my stress, I am going through a devastating divorce and don't have that special person to make me feel better. I feel so unattractive. Any tips on how to get rid of the menopausal fat?

What has happened to my body ????

I am 47 and have been physically fit the past 7 years . Competing in Bodybuilding , Figure and last year ( 2012 ) in Bikini . All of a sudden I've gained 5lbs over night . I'm bloated all the time , I missed 3 periods in a row , but now seem to be back on track BUT my breasts are continuously tender . I train 5 / 6 times a week and eat very clean but still feel miserable with this weight gain especially in my abdominal region !!! I'm tired , grumpy and just plan disgusted !!
—Guest LAM

feel like a fat cow, hate how i look

i too have tried everything an like a yoyo i go from 111pds back up to 130pds im 4,9 so ive always been thin active now i look at my younger daughter who still has her youth an thin an remember how beautiful i once was my older daughter is too so thin an beautiful i had a hysterectomy an early menopause at age 43, what did help was a baby food diet one whole month lost 20 pds holidays put it back on also starving fasting five days helped walking ,dancing,sports,singing,sex if any of u are lucky me haven been with anyone since the hysterectomy last man i was with really hurt my confidence an esteme saying i made him sick my stomache over lapping my breast an i was repulsive yes i miss having love sex but until this comes off i refuse to let a m,an see me unclothed an i gained it in my belly an but looks like im having twins we must not give up an ladies stay away from the scale an dont look at your stomaches in the mirror cause when ur pants fall off then u lost it stay awy from salt,
—Guest ronda

So glad to have the love of a good man!

At 53, I'm feeling like the freight train of age has just barreled through my life withou regard of any kind for more former self. I used to be the one who didn't look her age, was always slim and energetic and had a pollyanna outlook on life. Now I'm the chubby, wrinkled and tired looking crone with a bad attitude! (mostly because I'm so pissed about getting old...) BUT, no matter how down I feel, especially after one of my brutal assessments in front of the mirror, my man will wrap his arms around me and tell me how happy he is to have me in his life. Melt... Thank you, baby, for loving me beyond reason!
—Guest Amy

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Did you gain weight during menopause? How did you handle it?

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