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Readers Respond: Did you gain weight during menopause? How did you handle it?

Responses: 44


Updated February 15, 2010

From the article: Menopause and Weight Gain
Going through menopause means major changes for your body and gaining weight is a common problem since declining estrogen can contribute to a lower metabolism, less activity and eating more calories. If you're going through or have gone through menopause, share your experiences. Did you keep going with the same diet and exercise program, but notice you were slowly gaining weight? If so, how have you handled it? Share your story.

Just gained 25 lbs

As a top athlete most of my life I thought I would never have a weight problem ... I now think again...I also have a thyroid problem but I m dialing that in with doctors help. I have been going to acupuncture and chiropractor and taking ola loa vitamins energy for day and repair for night ... that helps But I do think trying to eat more natural foods drinking more water and walking being outdoors help. But a thought comes to me even when I was 13 years old and started my time I gained a tummy for about a couple years and I think as we are no longer having that flow we are also going to have a tummy for couple of years until our body adjusts... Rest retreat I may try yoga too ....Spirit of Curlew lake Retreat
—Guest Two ton Ellie


I'm not unlike you all. Just turned 50 and the yr. previous put on 20 lbs. I was 112 for most of my younger yrs up until I had a my last pregnancy at age 40. After that it all started going downhill. I was 138 and worked out and just couldn't budge the weight gain. I stopped working out because I thought it was doing more damage than good. I even stopped eating for a couple weeks to see if that would make the weight budge. It did, but then the weight started creeping back on again. I couldn't keep up the starvation diet. And now, the yr. before I turned 50 I gained an extra 30 lbs. I don't eat that much different than I used to. I'm just wondering. Do you all drink alcohol regularly? I do and am thinking this might be the culprit. Just can't do it anymore when we're older? Just a thought.
—Guest cimi

I knew what to expect

I watch my Mother in Law go thru Menopause. Saw her energy disappear and the weigh pack on. I prepared, Lost a little weight last year. I was a awesome size 4. Started taking vitamins for my metabolizem. Ect Ect. It all - did no good. Here I am 44 years old, 30 pounds up, in a size 9 as of last week, today I'm in a size 10. The weight wont stop. I'm so depressed.... Thank you to all the lady's who posted on this site it really help's to know I am not alone.
—Guest Roset


I am dealing w this too! I just turned 50 and i the year gained 20 pounds. I work out 5 -6 days aweek. Run 3-4 miles a day lift weights 3 days a week. Eat no more than I have for last 5 years. I am sooo frustrated and angry and don't understand..look 3 months pregnant. Has anyone had their breast grow too?
—Guest lily

Just keep going

Two subjects, Menopause and Weight-gain. I'm 52, been going through changes in my Menstrual Periods since the age of 38, however the last 2yrs MP had become less, and then stopped 5 months ago. Ive been put on HRT as I was getting serious Hot Flushes where I wasnt sweating and getting dizzy - high temp basically. Been on HRT for 4 wks and no hot flushes, which is great, but as promised by the GP bleeding would start again, as I hadnt be free of MP for more than 12 months. As for weight - gain, not a thing you can do about that, unless you cut out carbs and cut down on fats. I walk 3 mls a day with my dogs,plus walking and keeping busy all day , I exercise every day with the rowing machine etc, and as all comments say - the weight will not come off, nor am I getting firmer - the amount of water retention is horrible. But my husband loves me no matter what - he knows I try to lose weight, but unfortunately this is the way it is - be proud of your body and just be your sexy self xx
—Guest Angie


I don't really know when the menopause started, but I know when I finished because of the massive weight gain, 30lbs in less than a year. I have now been running 4 miles 5 days/week, personal trainer 2days/week and biking two days with a day of rest. Calories 1200/day. Six months now and I have not lost a single pound. My once small toned belly is a big flabby giggly mess. As a single woman, this is frustrating. I quit dating. Most men my age already look for 30 somethings as it is. I used to be able to complete with that, but not anymore. My next effort will be lipo. My fear is that the fat will just deposit somewhere else. It's almost like my body forgot how to burn it all.
—Guest Kelly

just beginning

I am SO glad I found this site. I am in the middle of menopause and can't believe what's happening to my body. The weight gain is just beginning (3 lbs in 2 months) and I'm scared to death it will continue. I have talked to other women who have gone through menopause and have heard of this happening, but mentally...can't wrap my mind around it. I've always been thin, so gaining weight and not being able to take it off by exercising more and cutting back on portions is so strange to me and I admit to feeling depressed about it. I'm scared it will continue like it has for many of you. The hard part for me is I've never had to actually work on my weight...just inherited high metabolism from my father's side of the family. Having to try and lose weight is foreign to me, so hardly know where to begin. And having a husband who needs to lose weight, but isn't doing anything about it doesn't help either.
—Guest MJ


Im a 44 yr old that also had to have a parcial hysterectomy and just last yr I started to gain weight, I weighed 120lbs and now im up to 155 pounds, my mid waist is bloated and my belly is round. I don't feel attractive and feeling very frustrated. I don't know what to do about this, I do exercise but nothing is coming off for weight. can anyone give me any tips on what else to try...

Just when I'm ready...

I don't believe this! I'm 5'7", always been "too skinny", had a model body. Now I have no idea what's happening-I had ovaries removed at 48-no weight gain-I just turned 62 and slowly over the past 3 years have gained 35lbs. I want to shoot myself! I eat less than 1,000 calories/day-very active-why now? And now I'm all set for a new relationship-I could cry-can't believe I'm even looking at calories! I used to try everything to gain! Leptin resistance? Body thinks it needs to store fat because I don't eat enough? I started to sign up for one of those "over 50" dating sites 2 yrs. ago-never put pic in or joined but I looked at what I had written-long blond hair, pretty, VERY SLIM! Ha! What to do??
—Guest Andrealeeann


after a visit with my doctor, and many tests, she tells me I am post menopause, but I am the healthiest patient she has had in years.... well I have worked hard at it, and now I hear there is NOTHING they can do for this.... I WORK out 4-5 days a week and eat very well. I started packing protein now since they are saying that women especially deplete protein. I KNOW NOT THANKS TO MANY articles I need to get some sleep and I use all natural products and supplements so I am pumping more of that and LADIES.... ESTRAVAL by Melaleuca is Excellent far better than any prescriptions
—Guest hope

sooo depressing

I always had a thin waist- after having four children I got back to my pre baby shape (better) Since 45 (I'm now 53) I have gained about 20 lbs- 10 in the past YEAR! It use to be when I wanted to loose a few, I'd diet and exercise for a few days and poof- the weight was gone. Just recently I did weight watchers and at the end of the week (no cheating) and I'd gained 2 lbs.- got so discouraged that I totally fell off the wagon and had a carb binge :( I do pilates 2x every week. I'm almost 5' 8" and looked pretty good at 140 at 160 I'm just plain fat and depressed.
—Guest Guest Burr Ridge

Weight Gain With Menopause

Yes, but after I read Good Calories/Bad Calories I have reversed the process. 20 pounds down in 8 months and still losing. I also feel better and my skin is softer and younger looking. You can also watch the university lectures on you tube. The auther is Gary Taubes.
—Guest Dawn


iam so upset with this weight gain ;ihave put on about 10 pounds and i never hade a problem with weight.iam 51 and i workout 3times a week with carido and wieghts and i also bellydance and do zumba.i just want to give upsomedays .it is upsetting when you never hade a belly.maybe someone can give me some advise
—Guest maryanne

I can't believe it's happening to me!

I am 49 and starting going through menopause a year ago. I have never had trouble with weight. I have always been physical, athletic and have always weighed 123 lbs and I am 5'7". I say "always" until menopause hit! I hate it.! I have gained 6 lbs in the past year and that may not sound like much but it is if it is all from my pelvis to my belly button! All my friends who are the same ago are not going through menopause and they brag about losing weight. Well just wait! I work out 4 days a week, focusing on weights and cardio. Do alot of interval training. I just want to know when the weight gain will taper off. I eat very healthy and only indulge in a few alcoholic drinks a week. My hormone levels show full blown menopause so I know I am not peri. I hate the way my body looks. It's just not me. I am so scared to gain anymore! I just want to know when this tapers off! Can anyone help?
—Guest Barb


The menopause shocked me in terms of how much weight I gained in such a short period of time. From having a flat stomach and a healthy size10 body I ballooned in size. In an effort to stop the rolls of fat forming I went to the gym and used the rowing machine relentlessly. Result = no toned stomach but a developed hernia and I had to have an operation! When people think women who gain weight so easily must be over-eating and not exercising they are WRONG. It took 3 months to lose a stone(14lbs) and still the rolls of fat are there! I have had to accept that my body has changed for ever!

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