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Readers Respond: How Do You Eat Healthy?

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Updated July 20, 2012

Eating healthy isn't easy with all the temptations out there and our busy schedules. How do you eat healthy? What tricks do you use to control your portion sizes or choose healthy meals when you eat out? Tell us your tips and tricks for eating healthy and keeping your calories under control.

A different kind of healthy

I try to stay as active as possible. I start my day with 2-8 burpees. Some push-ups and dog walking.I also walk without the pooches and will throw in a couple of sprints when I walk. My diet is more of a plaeo-ketogenic diet and I eat once or twice a day.


eggs contain good cholestrol, they are potentially good for you. they only have good fats
—Guest louis


wish i can convince my gf to workout with me..she was in a waaay better shape than i was when we first got together..since then she's gained 60lb and i lost 70lb..i dont like asking her to exercise anymore because she'll say stuff like, "you love me for my mind not my body, if you dont like this then go back to your ex" i feel good though, i dont want my kids to grow up on junkfood
—Guest caliboy

Carefullness in what i eat or drink

To maintain a healthy living,your diet must be monitored.You can eat 1:0:1. This means eating taking your breakfast and eating at nite not too late atleast before 7.30. Some people drink anyhow which is no meant to be,if you must drink,take drinks with low sugar,yogurt with low sugar but with a little flavour. Take a enough warm water daily than cold water atleast ten glasses per day. Remember health is wealth.

Eat Sleep Exercise

Eat a healthy diet 6-8 small whole food meals per day. Sleep at least 7 hours a day but don't overdo it. Go for 7-8 hours a day. Exercise at least 5x a day. At least 30mins of cardio and add some weights. Small baby steps. If you have a financial bank, you should probably think of a health bank too. So go and fill your health bank NOW! :)
—Guest BassMan

avoid eggs at all costs

do not eat more than four eggs per week. eggs contain too much colestrol.
—Guest mercy

Tea for Everybody

Drinking tea is not only for immunity but also for losing weight. I read about this wonderful things that tea can do in your healthy lifestyle. I can say that Tea is really great.
—Guest Bosz

Good nutrition

I've discovered Herbalife as a nutritional supplement, great for energy and inner and outer nutrition, as well as great snacking options. Drink lots of water and your skin will show the difference. Take the stairs instead of the lift at work or park further away from the entrance. This enables you to take a brisk walk. lower your sugar intake. You'll be amazed how you could build a habit in about 21days.


i have found that many yogurts are high in sugar. so, i buy the plain yogurt and mix it with a lowfat yogurt. that way it is healthier,lower in sugar and it still has some flavor

Healthier lifestyle

I have slowly changed the way my family and I eat by making my own chicken nuggets (baked), sweet potato french fries and homemade applesauce. All my 3 kids loved it..Amazing. I also sneak veggies in all their food. Dice it up real small so they never know.. They also exercise with me. It is a family effort in the house.
—Guest Kelly Samardzija

salads, salads, salads

I try to get creative when I am eating salads. I got to the point that I crave them. I love to add fruits, like apple, pineapple and grapes. The variety keeps me from getting bored. I also, eat the sacred heart diet soup which is mostly veggies. I get on the scale daily to stay on track because those tricky pounds just creep up on you so easily.


I have two simple rules: 1. Eat more, exercise more 2. Eat less, exercise more This will always keep you fit.
—Guest driftazord

Importance of water, diet, and exercise

I know people don't say this but water is the most healthy thing in the world! I try everyday to get 8 ounces in but it's hard. But I have too because in order to look good and feel good water is essential. I found out that there a three things that's needed to have a good fit body and these are water, sleep, and a good diet. Keep this in mind when your thinking about how you can get a better looking body and a more healthy looking body.
—Guest Yacawb

Mix it up

What I do is I try different things and if I don't like it then I move on. For example, this is my technique: If you have a banana everyday, go to the next letter in the alphabet. So, for C try a cantaloupe or even a vegetable, like a carrot, would work too. That helps you get your fruits and veggies in.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.It gives you energy and it keeps you from overeating later in the day

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