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Readers Respond: Worst Exercise Advice

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Updated April 15, 2011

Have you ever gotten bad exercise advice? If you have, you probably remember it because you may have experienced, at best, getting off track with your workouts or, at worst, an injury that took a long time to heal. What's the worst exercise advice you ever got? Share your story and tell us about it.


Well it's been a while ago when my brother in law told me not to do to much abdominals if I haven't loose enough weight/pounds unfortunately he past away he was like a personal trainer
—Guest Maria Barragan

Too much information to go around

I have been a personal trainer for 7 years now and I have heard it all - different information from numerous sources. What really annoys me is the non professional gym goers (especially men) who think they are experts because they read a magazine or a book.
—Guest Patty

Bad advice on exercise

I overworked my muscles and I was awake the whole night.
—Guest syl v. te

Exercise is bad for you!

When I was a teenager, my mother told me that all exercise is bad for women. She told me that "running" was the very worst exercise that a woman could do. She printed me articles about how joints can wear out and how it can damage the uterus and other female parts so much that one would be unable to bear children. She said that running is bad for the heart and might possibly cause a heart attack. She said that women should not lift weights because they are too weak and not meant to have big muscles. I went to college, got hooked on running, weight training and exercise in general. I even had 5 children! I still run today at age 53 today. It feels good to be able to run!!!


I was told to lose weight before I start to exercise because I would build muscle over the fat.
—Guest Lyndada

Don't play basketball with boys

After learning I played basketball with male co-workers, my older friend said that I would never find a husband if I did such things. I'm not quite sure what her point was, maybe that it wasn't ladylike? Well, times have changed and I've been married for 3 years now.
—Guest wd9753


I watched a personal trainer have an older, overweight woman do standing jumps onto a weight bench. I was horrified and heard a crash a couple minutes later when she missed...unbelievable.

Worst Exercise Advice

My Orthopedic (male) told me that women should never do squats. I think that as long as they are done correctly I should be able to do all the squats my legs can handle!
—Guest Christina

Don't eat before your workout

I once had a trainer tell me I shouldn't eat anything before I workout because I would burn more fat. He trained me early in the morning and, during our first session, I felt so nauseous that I had to lie down and couldn't finish my workout. I later found out I was weak and nauseous from low blood sugar. I don't know if you burn more fat if you go hungry, but I definitely burn less fat if I can't even exercise! I quit working with that guy and now happily eat a small snack before I exercise. My workouts are much better and I haven't felt sick since!

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