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Readers Respond: How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

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Updated March 03, 2010

The Scale

I weigh myself every morning, and have done four the last 5 years (since I lost the 70 pounds). It helps give me an "early warning" when I'm letting my diet get a little too far "off track", before the damage becomes overwhelming. FOR ME, getting rid of the scale would be a *really bad* idea.
—Guest Pat

Throw your scale out!

All right, well, maybe keep it just so you can input your weight into body fat calculators. I weigh myself no more than once a week, sometimes waiting until the 2 week mark. Every 2 weeks, I get my body fat measured with calipers. Over the past 8 weeks, I've lost 8% body fat but the scale has only gone down about 2.5 pounds. Most people would be incredibly discouraged by such a low weight loss and would have given up by now. But I'm in the best shape of my life right now and at a much higher weight than I had thought would be my goal. If I didn't need the number on the scale for the body fat calculator, I wouldn't weigh myself at all!

Useful, if you know how to use it

I've gotten in the habit of weighing myself daily, and graphing it using a program I picked up from the Hacker's Diet. I've found it *very* useful, because it's kind of innured me to the fluctuations in my daily weight, but I'm able to see the overall trend over time, which is very motivating.
—Guest Sam


I have to weigh myself daily or my weight gets out of control very quickly. It is definitely my friend. I tried the once a week route, but I gain weight way too quickly. This keeps me focused and I can nip it quickly before it's a mountain.
—Guest Pat

Once A Day

My wife and I weigh once a day. My wife is trying to lose weight. I plot my wifes weight on a graph. My wife is steadily losing about 4 pounds a month. Her diet is basically the USDA food pyramid, along with exercise. Bob

From Foe to Friend

I weigh myself daily. I use to percieve the scale as my enemy, something to fear and hate. Since last September I have lost about 42lbs and I have found that my daily weigh-ins helps me to better understand my body and how it functions; if I am bloated or on my period the changes are more dramatic, but I have also found it the best way to keep on top of my weight loss. Once I have gotten to goal weight another 25lbs. I intend to do so less frequently, whatever that may turn out to be.
—Guest leba

It can be great It can be depressing

I go to two doctors so I am always on this constant need to weight myself not wanting to gain an ounce! When I do gain that 5 lbs. its depression and I eat an apple a day till I feel I have lost this weight. So yes the scale becomes my enemy! I of course love when I weigh my correct weight. Anything over I panic! I wish you didn't have to worry about the scale so much! I think yes I am obsessed with that number on the scale and that's a bad thing! And no, I may not a heavy person. I normally weigh around 128 and getting older makes it hard also to maintain this number! Ugh I hate scales! People think you are only obsessed when you're really heavy and this is absolutely not true! It's hard for all of us to maintain good habits and be on our toes all the time! You eat something you should not and indulge and enjoy it then you feel guilty for days about the weight gain. UGH!

Once a Week

My husband and I have been counting calories and weighing ourselves once a week. I've found that weighing your self more often than that can be discouraging. While weight it a good way to measure your progress I think clothes sizes are more accurate.

When I Feel I Need To

I don't weigh myself regularly. Instead, I pull out the scale only when I feel like I have lost weight or gained weight. I used it simply to confirm what I suspect, so that I can adjust my diet/exercise accordingly if necessary.
—Guest HealthyKK

Pay more attention to how I feel

I try not to get too obsessed with the scale, since my weight flucuates depending on how recently I exercised, what time of the month it is, and other factors. Instead, I focus on how my clothes are fitting and how toned I feel. If my jeans start feeling a little snug, I know I need to cut back a little on the sweets or step up the exercise. I check the scale maybe once or twice a month at the gym -- more out of curiosity than anything else!

Breaking the Weighing Habit

I used to weigh myself at least once a day, sometimes several times a day. It was to the point where I was almost obsessed, even though it made me completely miserable. What helped me was working with a trainer. She took my body fat and suggested I not get on the scale for an entire week. It was hard, but I did and now I never weigh myself because I finally realized how deceptive that number was. It's such a relief not to have to torture myself anymore!
—Guest Ann
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