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Exercise Basics for Seniors


Updated July 22, 2014

Exercise Basics for Seniors

I once had a 50-something-year-old client who had never exercised. The first thing she said to me was, "I'm too old to start exercising...but my doctor said if I don't, I'll end up a miserable old lady."

She was convinced she was way too old to lift weights and, after a few sessions, her attitude hadn't changed much, which was really fun for me.

After 6 weeks of training, however, she said, "I've changed my mind about exercise. I was able to walk up my basement stairs this week without using the railing, and I got all my mulch put out in record time this year." Eying me suspiciously, she said, "It appears you were right. This is actually helping me and I've decided I'm going to stop complaining about it."

After I got up off the floor from laughing so hard (even she had to laugh because complaining was her favorite part of our sessions), I noticed that she really did change her approach. Now she wanted those heavy weights, she wanted to push herself and, after a few months of training, she signed up for her first ever 5K race.

Her story inspired me to create a comprehensive exercise guide for seniors, covering all the important aspects of exercise, from how to get started to working around injuries, illnesses or medical conditions. If you're confused about exactly how to start exercising, Exercise Basics for Seniors can give you the confidence to take that first step.

If you're an older adult, I'd love to hear from you about your workouts. When did you start exercising and what does it do for your quality of life? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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