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Paige Waehner

An Easy Resolution to Make: Just Move More

By January 1, 2014

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Last year, I asked some very deep, very thoughtful questions about the new year. Namely, I wanted you to think about what you really want before jumping into any New Year's Resolutions you might make.

This year? I think it's better to skip too much time thinking and spend more time actually doing stuff. I'm not saying thinking is a bad thing but, when it comes to exercise, letting the brain get too involved usually leads to skipping exercise. However, you can make it very easy by setting small, very reachable goals. One of my readers, LK, said it best in a recent comment:

"I don't always make New Year's resolutions, but this year, along with resolving to get back on track with healthy eating, I'm resolving to read more (even if just for 10 minutes a day) and send all of my loved ones e-birthday cards. Hey, if I don't make these things actual goals, they just don't happen."

That is so true. So, with that in mind, let's start with a few ideas of how we can move forward now that the new year is upon us, but without all the pressure to be perfect and wonderful. First, if you have a hangover, you might want to avoid any sudden movements.

Second, I have some programs for just about anything you might want to accomplish this year and all of them involve slow, simple steps for getting started with exercise and losing weight. You might take some time today, while you're resting from last night's festivities, thinking about what you want this year and how you want to get started.

More Tips for Making New Year's Resolutions.

One more thing - I'm starting a twitter challenge next Monday, January 6th called #30in30. It involves starting with one exercise on day one and adding on an exercise every day until you're doing 30 exercises at the end of 30 days. Each exercise is done for a minute, so you'll end up with a 30-minute workout. If you're in, follow me on twitter and look for the challenge to begin next week. It starts really easy, so everyone should be able to at least do day one.

Last but not least, Happy 2014! I'm very happy to wave goodbye to 2013, y'all.

January 3, 2012 at 4:11 pm
(1) Fitness fan says:

The trouble with resolutions is that they are simply no more than a statement of intent. The trouble with New Yearís resolutions are that they are used as an excuse not to do anything until the beginning of the following year, at which time the same resolutions are usually made again and nothing done about them. I know because thatís what I did for a number of years.

A resolution needs to evolve into execution, or a plan of action followed by execution. Itís a big step that requires commitment, motivation, a change in attitude, and giving exercise a high enough priority for regularity and consistency.

Having intentions of what to do when the timing and conditions are right is an exercise in rationalization and an excuse for procrastination. You donít need a resolution to start exercising; you just need to start exercising.

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