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Book Review - Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly

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Updated February 03, 2004

8 Minutes in the Morning 2

8 Minutes in the Morning 2

Jorge Cruise

The Bottom Line

This book might be good for those just beginning an exercise program--it is appealing in it's simplicity and easy to follow. However, Jorge Cruise makes no recommendations for cardio, an important part of any complete exercise routine and readers may hit a plateau in weight loss. To see significant results, most people will need more vigorous workouts than what is offered here.


  • A simple program that is easy to follow
  • Exercises that target the whole body and require very little equipment
  • A nutritional guide that is simple


  • Makes no cardio recommendations
  • Exercises use no resistance to challenge and build muscle


  • Jorge Cruise offers a simple workout program and nutritional guidance to help people lose fat
  • Each day you'll perform exercises for 8 minutes, while keeping track of your workouts and eating
  • A good start for beginners who have trouble exercising regularly

Guide Review - Book Review - Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly

Like his previous '8-Minute' books, this one begins with an explanation of weight training and why it is important to build muscle and raise the metabolism for weight loss. He says that cardio exercise is "out" which is troublesome, since cardio exercise is important for both weight loss and good health. His chapter on abdominal fat is easy to understand, describing the medical problems associated with this type of fat. The next section covers his nutritional program which consists of filling half your plate with fruits/veggies and the other half with equal portions of protein and carbs. His sample menus and food lists are helpful and easy to understand, although readers may find it difficult to eat every 3 hours as he recommends. The workout program consists of 3 progressively harder levels. Each day has a different focus-upper, lower or abs, leaving Saturday as a "Body Cleanse" day where he recommends you drink a specific kind of shake all day. His claims that you need to rid your body of toxins is unproven. Overall, I like this book for very sedentary people who have trouble starting an exercise program. The exercises are easy to follow and his style can be motivating. But, since there's no resistance used to challenge the muscles to grow, it's difficult to build those fat-burning muscles he talks about. 8 minutes of these exercises is a good start, readers will need more intense workouts to see significant changes.

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