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Plyometric Video Resources

Intense Videos


Updated June 15, 2014

Below are some instructors and websites for finding great plyometric workouts:

Mindy Mylrea offers several advanced interval videos. "All Out Cardio" offers a number of high energy options, "Tabata Trek" is perfect for spinners and cyclers and "Awesome Intervals" says it all.

Cathe Friedrich offers a wide variety of plyo and interval training, some videos using a step and others using nothing but your own body. Stand outs include "Interval Max," "IMAX 2," and a very challenging HIIT video, called, well, "Hiit - High Intensity Interval Training" that includes three different workouts and tons of plyo exercises. Cathe is a solid choice for high intensity, high impact plyo workouts.

Online Workouts and Resources - Here at About.com, you'll find a variety of workouts and ideas including:

More about plyometric exercises and how to do them.

Remember, plyometric training is an advanced activity and most of us don't need to do too much of it to reap the benefits - Once or twice a week is enough. Easing in a few plyo exercises is a great way, however, to raise your heart rate quickly and to improve your stamina, strength and muscle endurance.


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