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12 Weeks to Weight Loss

Get started on your weight loss program


Updated June 02, 2014

12 Weeks to weight loss
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If your goal is to start exercising and lose weight, this 12-Week Program gives you all the tools you need to start exercising. You'll get:
  • Cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts
  • Basic tips to help you eat healthy and reduce your calories
  • Weekly calendars to organize your workouts and nutritional goals
  • Motivational tips to help you get your mind excited about exercise
  • The tools you need to lose weight.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading to find out how to get started.

Your First Step

Before you even lace up your workout shoes, your first step is to commit to your program every day. No matter what else is going on in your life, remind yourself of your fitness goals and give your workout the priority it deserves. Write it down and treat it just like any other appointment that you wouldn't miss. And, if you find yourself falling off the fitness wagon, don't worry. This program will help you dig deep and find the strength to keep going. You may find it helpful to keep a workout journal to track your progress and keep you on the right track.

The Program

When you sign up for 12-Week Program, you'll receive an email each week detailing your daily exercise and nutrition assignments. Each week includes:

  • Suggested cardio workouts for beginners and for intermediate/advanced exercisers
  • Suggested strength training workouts for beginners and for intermediate/advanced exercisers
  • A variety of stretching, yoga and flexibility routines to increase flexibility and core strength
  • Daily nutritional goals, information and tips (modify them to your needs)
  • Tips to keep you motivated to exercise and eat healthy

If you've never exercised before, check out the Beginner's Corner to get the basics of getting started. If you want harder workouts, go to my Workout Center for more ideas. Modify the workouts to fit your fitness level.

Before you get started:

  • Check with your doctor before beginning if you have any injuries or illnesses or if you're on medication
  • Take your measurements and make a note of them. Re-take them every 4 weeks to track your progress
  • Decide when you will workout (in the morning, at lunch or after work) and write it down in your calendar or fitness journal
  • Plan and prepare your meals for the week beforehand
  • Use every resource you have to motivate you, including your friends, family, and co-workers
  • Reward yourself at the end of each week if you completed all your workouts.
  • Use this workout log to keep track of how much weight you're using and to track your progress.

If you're ready, Sign up for your 12 Weeks to Weight Loss E-Course.

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