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Updated February 25, 2011

Finding Pilates in Your Neighborhood

If you belong to a health club, check the aerobics schedule to see if Pilates is an option. Or, search for Pilates studios in your area. Another option is to consider home Pilates equipment for your own home gym, if going to a studio isn't an option. In most Pilates studios, you'll either perform your workout on specially designed equipment or on a mat. Most Pilates classes these days have been adapted to the mat and may use other equipment such as a ring, band, ball or even a BOSU.

Pilates Videos

If you don't have Pilates classes in your city or want to workout at home, a quality video is an excellent option.

  • The Method videos cover everything from yoga to Pilates-like workouts.
  • Videofitness.com provides a database of video reviews for over 20 Pilates videos.
  • Once you've read the reviews and chosen your video, visit your local bookstore or order it from a video fitness websites such as Collage Video.
  • Stott Pilates is another resource for Pilates videos and equipment.

However you get started, you'll find that Pilates will enhance your daily functionality by improving your posture and flexibility. Not only will your body feel better, your mind will remember how to relax and your spirit will feel rejuvenated. However, don't think this workout is easy. You may find the exercises difficult at first as your body adjusts to the balancing and strengthening movements. Start slowly and only go as far as your body will let you. Gently work up to the more difficult exercises and be mindful of what you're doing. Staying in the moment will help you get the most out of your Pilates workout.

If you want to get started now, check out my Yoga & Pilates workout.

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