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Low-Carb Snacks

Weight Loss Checklist

The Goal

My long term goal is:


The major obstacles to this goal are:


My Checklist

____ I've visited my doctor (if necessary) and gotten clearance for exercise

____ I've recorded my measurements, weight and other vital statistics so I have a starting point (see this Progress Chart for more info).

____ I've researched the best way to change my diet and mapped out a plan for healthy eating or I've found a program to follow (see 12 Weeks to Weight Loss for ideas).

____ I've planned out how to reach my goals, focusing on weekly progress and a reward system.

____ I have figured out the best way to track my exercise and eating habits on a daily basis.

____ I've put together a support system of people to help me stay motivated and accountable for my actions.

____ I've figured out a reward system for accomplishing my goals.

The Plan

WEEK _____:

My goals for this week are:

Cardio:  ____ times this week for ___ minutes at ____ level of intensity (see Perceived Exertion chart).

Strength:  ____ times this week; all muscle groups, for ____  reps and ____  sets for each exercise.

Stretching:  ____ times this week after each workout.

Nutrition goal:  

My reward for reaching my goals this week:

Obstacles that may stop me from exercising

My plan for overcoming these obstacles

The Results:

Did I achieve my weekly goals?

If not, why?


Things to change in the future:

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