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Flexibility, Balance and Core Strength

How To Choose And Use An Exercise Ball
Fitness fads come and go (remember the Slide?) but, every now and then, a trend comes along that actually makes sense, such as our focus on core strength, balance and stability.  Here's what you need to know about choosing and using an exercise ball.

The Pilates craze is in full force.  Find out what it is, how to do it and where to find Pilates classes, equipment and videos.

How's Your Balance?
Balance, stability and coordination are important for daily functioning, but most of us don't do any balance training.  Learn easy ways to improve your balance and cool tools to help you get the most out of a balance program.

Stretch Your Limits
You know you should be stretching as part of your workout routine, but do you know why?  Learn the benefits and basics of stretching and flexibility training.

Strengthen Your Core
Having strong abdominal and lower back muscles can help with daily functionality as well as help you deal with chronic back pain.  It can also help improve your posture.  Get examples of exercises to strengthen your core.

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