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Bootcamp Circuit

This bootcamp circuit workout works your entire body with cardio, lower body, upper body and core exercises. You won't need any equipment, which makes this the perfect workout for small spaces, travel exercise or for anyone who wants a challenging workout using their own body weight.


See your doctor if you have any injuries, illnesses or other medical conditions.

Equipment Needed


How To

  • Perform the exercises in each circuit, one after the other, with brief rests in between as needed
  • Complete one set of each circuit for a shorter workout, or repeat each circuit for a longer, more intense workout
  • Modify according to your fitness level and skip any exercises that cause pain or discomfort
  • Sip water throughout the workout.  When you get tired, walk in place (don't stop moving)
  • Monitor your intensity - Your RPE should be between 5-9.

Circuit 1:  
Warm Up - Side Lunge with Windmill Arms

cwindmill1.jpg (10695 bytes)  cwindmill2.jpg (9728 bytes)
Stand with legs wide, arms straight out to the sides and parallel to the floor.  Bend the right knee into a side lunge and bring the left arm down towards the foot.  Repeat on the other side, lunging from side to side and bringing opposite arm towards foot.  The faster you go and the lower you lunge, the harder it is.  Repeat for 2 minutes.

csquatthrust.jpg (11117 bytes)  csquatthrust2.jpg (6992 bytes) 

Squat and place your hands on the floor.  In an explosive movement,  jump feet back into a push-up position.  Jump the feet back between the hands and stand up.  Complete 16 reps.
Front & Reverse Lunge
 front rear lungeFront Reverse LungeFront Reverse Lunge
You can hold weights for the exercise if you have them. Step the left leg forward into a lunge. Push back to start, lifting the left knee to hip level. Take the left leg back into a reverse lunge and push off the toes to come back to start. Repeat for 10 reps and switch sides.

Sit on a chair or bench and balance on your arms, keeping your hips close to the chair. Bend the elbows and lower, keeping the shoulders down until elbows are at 90 degrees. Push up and repeat for 16 reps

Pyramid Planks

Begin in a plank position on the forearms. Press the hips up toward the ceiling while staying on the forearms (like an upside 'v') and gently press the heels to the floor. Hold briefly, then come back to your plank and push up onto the hands. Hold for a few counts and then press back into a downward dog, stretching the heels to the floor and the chest gently through the arms. Come back into your plank, lower down to the elbows and repeat the entire series 6 times.
Circuit 2:
Front Kick with Squat
csquatkick.jpg (4853 bytes)  csquatkick2.jpg (6952 bytes)
Lower into a squat and, as you press up, kick out with the right leg.  Repeat, squatting and kicking with the left leg. Continue alternating squats and kicks for 1 minute.
Pulsing Chair Squats
Chair Squat  
Place a chair just behind you and stand in front of it. Keep the abs braced and strong as you bend the knees and slowly squat towards the chair. As soon as you touch the chair, do 4 pulsing squats, coming up just halfway.  Stand all the way up and repeat for 16 reps.
Rear Delt Fly
 travelrear_delt.jpg (14070 bytes)
With feet hip-width apart, tip from the hips until back is flat and parallel to the floor, abs braced.  Lift the arms straight out to the sides to shoulder level with thumbs pointing up to the ceiling.  Lower and repeat for 16 reps.
Side-Plank Hip Lift
hiplift1.jpg (9038 bytes) hiplift2.jpg (10615 bytes)
Lie in a side plank, balanced on your forearm, feet and hips stacked on top of one another or staggered (easier), other hand behind head. Holding the torso steady, slowly lower the hips just a few inches towards the floor. Lift back to start and repeat for 10 reps before switching sides.
Circuit 3:

Begin with feet together and jump up, taking feet out to the side while circling arms overhead and land in a squat.  Jump up and bring feet back together, circling arms back in. This is just like a slow jumping jack, but really use power when pushing up into the jumps. Repeat for 60 seconds. 
Bent-Over Squat With Leg Lift

Bend over with hands behind the back, abs engaged.  Take the left leg out to the side, toe on the floor and bend the right knee into a squat.  Straighten the right leg as you lift the left leg a few inches off the floor.  Keep the hip, knee and foot in alignment and facing the front of the room. Repeat for 12 reps and switch sides.  
 Divebomber Pushups

Begin the move in an upside down v-position, legs straight and hips to the ceiling. Bend the elbows as you dive forward, bringing your head towards the floor. Keep moving forward, pushing the chest towards the floor and then through the arms. Keep going until your torso is lifted, hips still off the floor and you're looking forward. Reverse the movement and repeat for 4-8 reps. This is an advanced exercise, so keep your knees on the floor to make this easier, if you need to.
Oblique Arm Sweep
 obliques1.jpg (10136 bytes) obliques2.jpg (9154 bytes)
Sit with legs bent, back straight, arms extended straight out in front of you. Lean back to a point where you feel your abs contract, but avoid arching or straining the back.  Contract the abs and sweep right arm down and behind you in a half-circle motion, leaning the torso back a few inches. Sit back up and repeat on other side for 16 reps. 
Circuit 4:
 cplyolunge.jpg (8928 bytes)  cplyolunge2.jpg (8850 bytes)

Begin in a lunge position and jump up, switching the feet in the air, landing with the other foot forward in a lunge.  Repeat for 30 seconds, rest and do it for 30 seconds more. 
Around the World Lunges

Step forward with the left foot and lower into a lunge, keeping the front knee behind the toe. Step back and immediately step to the left into a squat (or a side lunge). Step back and take the left foot back into a reverse lunge. Come back to start and repeat for 8 reps before switching legs.

Get into a pushup position, on the knees or toes, abs in and back flat. Bend the elbows and lower body toward the floor until elbows are at 90-degree angles. Push back up and repeat for 16 reps.
Planks with Knee Bends

Begin in a plank position, on the hands and toes. Lift the left foot off the floor and bend the knee, pulling it in towards the chest. Your torso might bend a little as you bring the knee in. Cross the left foot over the right leg, hold briefly, then take left knee back to the chest. Bring the left foot back into your full plank and repeat on the other side. Repeat for 8 reps (1 rep includes a knee bend with both the right and left legs).
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