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Quiz: What's Your Fitness Personality?

If you're getting started with an exercise program, it may be tough to figure out what to do.  Though we have guidelines to go by, part of being successful is choosing things you enjoy and figuring out what works for you.  When you like what you're doing, you'll be more likely to stick to it and work hard at it.  Personality has a lot to do with what you enjoy.  For example, if you're more of a follower than a leader, you might enjoy group fitness classes.  If you're self-disciplined, you might enjoy running or walking.  Knowing these kinds of things about yourself can help you choose the activities that fit you best.  The following questions will help you learn more about your exercise personality and find out which activities work best for you.

1.  On the whole, I tend to:
Be impulsive and fun-loving
Be more logical, goal-oriented and driven
Worry about what other people think of me and fear falling short of expectations
Be content with the status quo

2.  In my working life, I work best when:
I can work at home, be my own own boss or have a flexible job
I'm the boss or am at least in some kind of management position
I'm in a structured environment with someone telling me what to do
I know exactly what's expected of me

3.  Let's say you have a cardio machine at home -- a treadmill, bike, elliptical, stepper, etc. (just pretend if you don't have one). Describe how you would most likely use this cardio machine:
I would never use any kind of machine -- it's way too boring
I would use it on a regular basis, especially if it helped me reach my goals
I would go through phases where I would use it for awhile and then stop out of boredom or frustration
I would use it regularly, whether I liked it or not

4.  How do you feel about your body:
I'm very comfortable with my body and not afraid to try just about anything
I'm very comfortable with my body, but prefer straightforward, athletic activities
I'm not comfortable with my body -- everyone else always seems to know what they're doing, except me
I've never thought about it -- I just do my thing and get on with life

5.  When it comes to meetings or appointments:
I'm frequently late, but get there when I can
I'm early or right on time
I go through spurts of always on time, and then chaos sets in and I'm late again
I'm usually on time

6.  In looking at my exercise history:
I've always done some sort of activity, just not always consistently
I've always exercised consistently, pushing myself to get better and better
I've always tried different activities, but I've never stuck with any of them
I've been doing the same activities and routines for a long time

7.  The activities I gravitate to are usually:
Group activities or exercises that are more social and interactive 
Solo activities that have specific goals
The latest trend, whether it's a new fitness class or a new fitness gadget
Things I'm experienced at and comfortable with

8.  The last time I tried a new exercise or activity was:
Very recently
Probably in the last few years
Within the last few months
I can't even remember, it's been so long

9.  If I had to choose between being a leader or a follower, I would most likely be:
Either a leader or a follower, depending on the situation
More of a leader
More of a follower
I'm not sure -- I've never really thought about it

10.  If a friend asked you to try something completely different, such as like ballroom dancing or bellydancing, your most likely response would be:
Where do I sign up? That sounds like fun!
I'd rather stick pins in my eyes
Maybe -- who else is going and what do I wear?
Why in the world would I want to do that?


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