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Abs - FAQ's, Workouts and Information

If you're looking for strong abs or the elusive six-pack, these resources provide everything you ever wanted to know about your abdominals. Includes exercises, workouts, articles, facts and a little fiction for good measure.
  1. Ab Workouts (15)

8 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat
What's the best way to reduce belly fat? Learn about 8 things you can do to lose fat around your abs.

Ab FAQ's
Want to know how to get a six-pack, lose your love handles or get rid of that spare tire? Get answers to your questions here.

Abs Demystified
Yes, it's hard to believe that one little muscle group could cause such a stir, but it's true. Our nation is obsessed with its abs and it's up to us to do something about it!

Best Ab Gear, Videos and Workouts
Everyone wants washboard abs, but how do you get them? Losing body fat is key, but working your ab and back muscles to make them strong is important too. These tools help you add a little variety to the same old crunches.

Core Strength
A strong torso is necessary for both quality of life and the prevention of injuries. Find out about your core strength and what you can do to improve it.

Flatten Your Abs
What is the one fitness goal you wish you could achieve? If you're like most people, you want rock hard abs.

How to Do a Perfect Crunch
Finally...the elusive crunch is explained! Here's how to do it right.

Most Effective Ab Exercises
Want to know the most effective exercises for your abs? Here are the best moves for your abs.

No More Crunches
When we think of working our abs, we often think of things like crunches and sit-ups. BORING. If you've just about had it with traditional ab exercises, why not take your abs to a whole new level?

Step by Step Ab Exercises
Find step by step instructions and pictures for a variety of ab exercises including pelvic tilts, seated rotations, bird dog, ball crunches with a med ball, plank with knee bends, crunches with Gliding Discs and more.

Dynamic Abs
If you're interested in flat abs, you may be following the latest trend--core strength. Pilates and yoga are just two activities that focus on core training, but what does this mean and what does it do for you?

Step by Step: More Ab Exercises
Learn a variety of exercise for your abs to increase core strength and tone your abs

Best Standing Ab Exercises for a Strong, Fit Core
Crunches are great, but it's time to challenge your abs with standing ab exercises that will target every muscle in your core, building strength and functionality. Get step by step standing ab exercises with pictures and instructions.

Strengthen Your Abs
It's time to move beyond the six-pack (the one thing that's so hard to get) and focus on strengthening your abs. Learn about the most effective way to strengthen your abs.

The Best Ab Exercises
If you want to strengthen your core, there are some ab exercises that are more effective than others. Find out about the top 10 most effective exercises for your abs.

The Truth About Getting Flat Abs
Is it possible to get flat abs? Get the facts about what it takes to get six-pack abs and finally decide if this is really the right goal for you from your About Exercise Guide.

Top 5 Ab Videos
Abs are a hot topic, especially six-pack abs, washboard abs, whatever you call 'em. Effective ab routines help build strength and muscle and these videos provide great workouts in less time.

Your Best Abs
Learn how to strengthen your abs and core with this basic information about your ab muscles, how to work them and how to choose ab exercises.

Top Ab Equipment, Videos and Workouts
Everyone wants washboard abs, but how do you get them? Losing body fat is key, but working your ab and back muscles to make them strong is important too. These gadgets can help add a little variety to the same old crunches.

How To Work Your Abs Standing Up
Floor ab exercises, like crunches, are a dime a dozen, but did you know that working your abs from a standing position can be even more effective? Find out how standing ab exercises work and what they can do for you.

Standing Ab Workout
This Standing Ab Workout will challenge every muscle in your core using a medicine ball, resistance band and dumbbells.

All About Your Abs
Do you have questions about how to get flat abs or what exercises you should do to work your abs? This article covers everything you need to know about your abs and how to work them.


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