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Ab Workouts

These workouts target the abs and back using a variety of tools and exercises. Some workouts incorporate exercise and medicine balls, while others use moves derived from yoga and pilates. These are great workouts for strengthening your abs.

Abdominal Workout
Basic exercises for your abs. Includes pictures and descriptions. Some exercises performed on an exercise ball.

Core and Flexibility
This workout focuses on building core strength with a variety of moves like woodchops, side planks and rotations on the ball. It also includes stretches for the entire body, leaving you calm and relaxed after your workout.

Core Strength
If you want strong abs, check out this advanced core strength workout using an exercise ball. Includes QuickTime videos and descriptions.

Dynamic Ab Workout
Try these unique, challenging ab exercises to work your torso in a whole new way.

Just Abs
This sample abdominal workout takes you through 12 weeks of progression from beginner to advanced.

Strengthen Your Core
Having strong abdominal and lower back muscles can help with daily functionality as well as help you deal with chronic back pain. It can also help improve your posture. Get examples of exercises to strengthen your core.

Yoga & Pilates for Abs
Try these yoga and pilates moves to strengthen your abs, back and legs.

Abs on the Ball - A short, effective core workout
This short, sweet workout gives you 5 great ab exercises using an exercise ball.

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