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Butt, Hips & Thighs

If you're trying to shape your hips, buns and thighs, these links provide everything you ever wanted to know about your lower body. Includes workouts, exercise, FAQ's and the truth about shaping your body.

Abs, Hips & Thighs - Medicine Ball Training
This workout offers sample exercises targeting the abs, hips and thighs using a medicine ball and a stability ball.

Squats for the Buns, Hips and Thighs
This image gallery shows a wide variety of squats targeting the buns, hips and thighs for all levels of fitness. Some exercises include chair squats, barbell squats, one-legged squats, ball squats and more. Check them out and learn new ways to work your buns.

FAQ's About Your Butt
Whether you want your fanny to be big or small, you'll find answers to all your burning butt questions.

Hips, Butt & Thighs
This workout includes advanced exercises that involve working one leg at a time such as one-legged squats and leg lifts. The lunge is a unique variation on traditional lunges in which you use a paper plate as a slide to target a muscles you never knew you had.

This workout is a take-off of the Lower Body Blast (listed below) but includes more exercises for the outer and inner thighs. Use this workout when you have more time and want to really work those legs!

Lower Body Blast
This workout includes pictures and descriptions of 9 great lower body exercises including squats, deadlifts, lunges, plie squats and more.

Short Lower Body Workout
This lower body workout is short and targets all the muscles of the hips, butt and thighs. After six weeks, switch to the Lower Body Blast to progress.

Top Ten Butt Exercises
If you're curious about the most effective exercises for your hips, butt and thighs, check out the top ten best butt exercises. Includes descriptions and pictures.

Workout For Your Butt
These exercises target all the muscles of the legs, but focus specifically on your bootie. The one-leg focus will really work your glutes.

Butt Blaster Workout - Shape Your Rear With These Killer Butt Exercises
This killer Butt Blaster Workouts takes the usual squats and lunges to a whole new level for a strong, shapely behind.

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