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Exercise Equipment and Apparel

Finding exercise equipment and apparel can be difficult, especially over the Internet. These links will point you in the right direction for everything you need including strength training gear, yoga/pilates equipment, cardio machines, workout clothes and athletic shoes.
  1. Athletic Shoes (9)
  2. Cardio Machines & Resources (11)
  3. Exercise Apparel (21)
  4. Gift Ideas for Exercisers (9)
  5. Product Reviews (35)
  6. Strength Training Gear (12)
  7. Top Picks (10)
  8. Yoga & Pilates Equipment (5)

What's Your Favorite Home Fitness Equipment? Share Your Favorite Hom…
If you workout at home, you probably have a few favorite things you can't live without. Share your favorite home gym and fitness equipment.

Fitness Fashion Disasters
Fitness fashion disasters

Exercise Buyer's Guide
A buyer's guide to exercise clothes, shoes and gear, from body fat scales and treadmills to weight loss tools and home gym equipment.

12-Week Exercise & Weight Loss Journal
Track your exercise and weight loss progress in this 12-week journal. Each day, record the details of your cardio, strength and/or flexibility workouts as well as your nutrition goals. You can also record your measurements and vital statistics every 4 weeks to make sure you're on the right track.

Exercising on the Cheap
It's possible to find cheap exercise equipment if you're on a budget. Learn creative ways to make your own weights and where to shop for cheap exercise equipment from your About Exercise Guide.

Best Motivators for Exercise
If you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise, these gadgets, tips and tools can help. Tracking your workouts, rewarding yourself and finding a workout buddy are just a few ways to motivate yourself to exercise.

A Few of My Favorite Things
Interested in getting high quality fitness gear? Check out this list of my favorite gear along with the brands I've found to offer the highest quality for the best prices.

Best Men's Fitness Gear
Men need quality gear for great workouts, both indoors and outdoors. Check out these shorts, shirts, footwear and gadgets for the best in fitness and exercise.

Best Women's Fitness Gear
These quality shorts, tops, bras and footwear are comfortable, flattering and long-lasting...perfect for the active woman in the gym or the great outdoors.

Top Gym Essentials
Working out at the gym means you need some serious equipment to make your workouts easy, fun and efficient. Check out my top picks for what you need during and after your gym workouts.

Review of MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor
The MIO Alpha is the first heart rate monitor that will give you a continuous heart rate reading without a chest strap. Which is awesome! But, is it worth it? Read my detailed review to find out about the MIO Alpha heart rate monitor.

Gift Guide -- Fitness Gift Guide
Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be frustrating but, if there's a fitness enthusiast in you're life, there's a good chance there's something out there to make their workouts more efficient and more fun. Whether they're into walking, running, yoga or weight training, you'll find the perfect gift ideas for the exerciser in your...

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