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Compound Exercises - Step By Step Compound Exercises for the Entire Body


Updated July 23, 2014

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Burpee with a Renegade Row
Compound Exercises - Step By Step Compound Exercises for the Entire Body
Paige Waehner

If you want to work multiple muscles while getting a bonus cardio burn, this exercise is a great choice. It combines a burpee, a plank, dumbbells rows and a bentknee deadlift for a complete, total body exercise. Caution: Because you're lifting weights as you're standing up, your lower back is vulnerable. Keeping your squat low and your torso upright (not rounded) can help protect your back. Start with light weights to practice or keep the weights on the floor instead of picking them up as a modification.

  1. Stand with legs wide and hold weights in each hand.
  2. Squat low to the floor, keeping the hips down, the torso straight and the shoulders back.
  3. Place the weights on the floor between your feet and step or jump back into a wide stance plank.
  4. Hold that position, hands holding the weights, with the legs straight or the knees on the floor (modified).
  5. Alternate a dumbbell row on each side, keeping the hips square to the floor.
  6. Jump or step the feet back in a wide stance on either side of the weights, remembering to squat very low (again, back straight, hips back) to pick up the weights as you stand.
  7. Avoid rounding the back.
  8. Leave the weights on the floor the entire time for a modification.
  9. Repeat for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.

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