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Strength Training and Specialty Workouts

These free online cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts will help you burn fat and build lean body tissue. Include pictures, QuickTime videos and descriptions.
  1. Ab Workouts (8)
  2. Circuit Training Workouts (30)
  3. Exercise Ball Workouts (8)
  4. Exercises by Muscle Group (41)
  5. Functional Training (4)
  6. Kettlebell Training (5)
  7. Lower Body Workouts (14)
  8. Resistance Band Workouts (8)
  9. Specialty Workouts (7)
  10. Strength Training Basics (13)
  11. Timesaver Workouts (8)
  12. Total Body Workouts (25)
  13. Travel Workouts (7)
  14. Upper Body Workouts (15)
  15. Yoga, Pilates & Flexibility (4)

Body Weight Exercises
If you don't have any equipment, there are great body weight exercises that target strength, power and endurance. Get some ideas for challenging body weight exercises.

Bodybuilding at About.com
Visit About.com's body building expert to find out the right way to train with weights.

How to Do A Squat
Learn how to do a basic squat along with many variations to target your hips, glutes and thighs from your about exercise guide

Medicine Ball Exercises
The medicine ball is so versatile, you can use it for everything from core strength to cardio endurance. Get a variety of exercises you can do using a medicine ball.

Squat Thrusts and Burpees
Squat thrusts and, their sisters, burpees are excellent moves for building cardio endurance, whole body strength and burning calories. Learn about a variety of advanced squat thrusts and burpees to challenge your body.

Workout Center
Workout Center is your starting place, whether you're looking for strength training, cardio or even specialty workouts. Choose from total body, upper and lower body routines, as well as a variety of cardio workouts.

Workout Finder
Use our Workout Finder to find strength training, cardio, yoga, flexibility and other workouts for all levels of exercisers.

Best Body Weight Exercises
You don't need any equipment to get a great cardio or strength training workout. Learn about the best body weight exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

Kettlebell Exercises 3
The kettlebell offers a great way to build strength, power and endurance with a variety of static and ballistic exercises. Learn more about kettlebell exercises with pictures and descriptions.

Weight Training 101
This series provides detailed information about weight training such as how to choose exercises, reps, sets and weight as well as how to set up a weight training program.

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