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Strength Training Myths


Updated June 27, 2014

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Myth 5: Strength training makes women bulk up
This is another popular myth that persists despite the fact that women typically don't have the amount of hormones (namely, testosterone) necessary to build huge muscles. In fact, even men struggle to gain muscle which is one reason steroids are such a popular drug with men who want to build big muscles.

This myth goes hand in hand with Myth 2, convincing women that strength training is for men and that, if they do lift weights, they should stick with the pink dumbbells.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Lifting heavy weights can benefit both men and women and, in fact, challenging your body with heavy weights is the only way you'll really see results and get stronger. I've been lifting heavy weights for years and have never even come close to looking like a bodybuilder...most women who lift weights would agree. Remember, muscle takes up less space than fat. When you add muscle, that helps you lose fat (along with your cardio and healthy diet, of course), which means you'll be leaner and more defined.

If you're still not convinced, check these great resources about women and weights:

If you're still reluctant to lift weights because you've never tried and you have no idea where to start, check out this Total Body Strength for Beginners workout which starts you out with the basics of a solid strength program.

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